Looking Up - 30 Nov 22 Great balls of fire!

Great balls of fire! A fireball, or bolide, was seen by many above Kirstenbosch Gardens at the concert last weekend. And other fiery topics: the eruption of Mauna Loa in Hawaii and volcanism on other planets in, and out of, our solar system.
30 Nov 2022 English South Africa Places & Travel

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Looking Up - 10 May 23 Space-X's Starlink programme

Space-X's Starlink programme, which is sending thousands of satellites into low earth orbit, is coming in for some criticism. Another hazard has been detected and researched by SETI intern Ramiro Saide: aliens! Kechil unpacks the problem.
10 May 4 min

Looking Up - 03 May 23 You too can be a scientist

You too can be a scientist, and participate in a sonification experiment. Human ears are very good at detecting patterns, and NASA needs volunteers to help find patterns in data, representing the magnetic dance between the Sun and the Earth. Go to this site: https://listen.spacescience.org/
3 May 4 min