Tigers, Crocs and Hippos

16.01.23 Pt 1 - Can you stay in one place longer than 10 days for a holiday? Michael Flax tells us about his latest adventure in St. Lucia. Leigh-Ann attempts to kill some mosquitos, but it backfires. The crocs debate rages on, a tiger is on the loose in the south of Joburg… and Dr Hanan Bushkin joins the show to discuss something new for this year.
15 Jan 11PM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · News

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9 Bullets

29.03.23 Pt 2 - Lorna Mlonzi tells us about the event that changed her life forever. She survived 9 bullets, a taxi ride from hell, and an under-equipped government hospital. She is luckily still here today to share her inspirational story!
29 Mar 1AM 43 min

Presidential Twit

29.03.23 Pt 1 - Elon Musk is charging $7 for verification on Twitter, but which side of the fence are you on? The team debate this. South Africa hosted a Belgian Royal who described the trip as ‘chaotic’… is Ramadollar to blame?
29 Mar 12AM 57 min

Punishment for Stupidity

28.03.23 Pt 2 - Lebang updates Gareth on the latest controversy in the news, with the Facebook Rapist on the loose. The GCS team also cover the latest school shooting that happened in the USA. And a CMO giant tells us what’s going on in the world of insurance marketing.
28 Mar 1AM 59 min

Back to the Crime Scene

28.03.23 Pt 1 - It’s no surprise that Lebang has been scammed on Marketplace once again! Has she learnt from her mistakes this time? Gareth goes off, after a headline about a local politician calling for the arrest of Vladimir Putin. Is 2023 the year where businesses change their mind…
28 Mar 12AM 58 min

Show Respect to the Tool

27.03.23 Pt 2 - ChatGPT is the centre of the conversation, as Leigh-Ann is feeling guilty using the tool in the workplace. Trevor Gumbi is curious about laundering money, but what does ChatGPT have to say about that? And do you have someone you could bury a dead body with?
27 Mar 1AM 57 min