Conspiracy Corner - Elvis Presely was apparently in Home Alone

Every movie has it's own conspiracy theory, right? But what if I told you this one reckons that Elvis was in a movie, that was released in 1990!
18 Jan 8AM English South Africa Comedy · Technology

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Conspiracy Corner - Chat GPT-4 tricks human into solving CAPTCHA

You know that "are you a robot" thing you have to solve on some websites to prove that you are not a robot? Well, artificial intelligence, which in essence is a "robot", somehow got it right to trick a human into solving the CAPTCHA on it's behalf.
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Weird Wide Web – Vind só uit hoe dit voel om dood te gaan

Het jy al ooit gewonder wat gebeur as jy doodgaan? Nou kan jy uitvind, danksy 'n ongewone virtuele realiteit-simulasie waarmee jy 'n 'naby-dood-ervaring' in die gesig kan staar - hoewel mense wat dit ervaar het, sê dit veroorsaak paniek.
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