Meyer Lansky

Join Dani this week as she looks into the life of Meyer Lansky, a famed 1920s mobster who ran in the same circles as Bugsy Siegel and Lucky Luciano.
20 Jan 2023 English South Africa True Crime · History

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The Midnight Sun Killer

Join our presenters this week as they look into the case of a killer from Alaska who killed all his victims in the early hours of the morning. With no pattern or connection between the victims it was by a miracle that they caught the suspect.
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The Serpent on The Hippie Trail

Fraudster, thief, prisoner escapee and serial killer… Charles Sobhraj has done it all. Join our presenters this week at the look into the long list of crimes of the Serpent on the Hippie Trail.
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The Dark Side of Kids TV

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No Body No Crime

This week our presenters look into the truly gruesome case of the Acid Bath Murders and they discuss if no body really means no crime.
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The Great Maple Syrup Heist

Tune in to this week's show, in Canada where biggest maple syrup producer had been robbed by its own employees and workers left barrels full of water. This only became evident when the barrels were starting to rust.
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