Love, life and light

“Three “L’s” sum up human existence: love, life, and light. Yet many do not know that the Bible describes Jesus Christ as the source of each of these in John 1:3-5: the Loving, Creator, the Generator of all Life, and the Revelator of all Light and truth.”
5 Mar 2023 English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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Biblical living #10 - Depression

Depression can be a stubborn darkness. Does the Bible record people who were depressed? What are the symptoms of true depression? We consider these topics from God’s Word.
14 Jul 24 min

Biblical living #8 - Guilt

Guilt can haunt a person. Sins in the past have a way of dogging our heels. What should we do when our past is soiled with shame, regret and guilt? The Bible gives us six things not to do, and three things to replace them with.
30 Jun 25 min

Biblical living #7 - Dealing with the past - Part 2

What should we do when we have suffered in the past, and are now filled with regret, doubt, or bitterness? Six biblical principles help us to respond to our past, when have suffered innocently, but responded sinfully to that suffering.
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Biblical living #6 - The past - part 1

The past can either be motivation to do right in the present, or something that haunts and harms our present. How should we think about the past? What should we do with our past if it is filled with pain, regret or shame? The Bible has much to teach on…
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