Love, life and light

“Three “L’s” sum up human existence: love, life, and light. Yet many do not know that the Bible describes Jesus Christ as the source of each of these in John 1:3-5: the Loving, Creator, the Generator of all Life, and the Revelator of all Light and truth.”
5 Mar 2023 English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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The Lord of life and death

Whoever can conquer death is surely the greatest Man to ever live. To remove the danger of death is to be truly the Lord of life itself. The account in John 11 reveals the ultimate sign that Jesus gave of His identity: the raising of Lazarus.
18 Feb 24 min

The Father and the Son are One

What do God’s people believe about Jesus? Jesus taught that His sheep believe what he said of Himself, which was a staggering claim of deity.
11 Feb 21 min

Religion or Relationship

Religion is not the same as relationship. Religion taxes us, often leaves us lonely, and is filled with self-interest. Jesus, on the other hand, taught that a relationship with Him brings life, personal knowledge, and abundance.
4 Feb 24 min

Spiritual Sight

Many who are blind can actually see, and many who see are really blind. This paradox refers to how physical sight is often accompanied by inner, spiritual blindness. When Jesus healed a blind man, it became a living illustration of how some cannot see with their eyes, while others, can…
28 Jan 24 min

Who's your Father ?

Most people today would claim to be God’s children, or somehow part of God’s universal family. Jesus, however, taught that there are two spiritual families in the world, and showed us three marks of being in God’s family
21 Jan 24 min