Looking Up - 01 March 23 There is a pretty conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

There is a pretty conjunction of Venus and Jupiter you might like to take a look at in the evening or just before sunrise, if you have a clear western aspect. Kechil motors through conjunctions, alignments and other geometric features of our position in the solar system.
1 Mar 2023 English South Africa Places & Travel

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Looking Up - 15 May 24 - 55 Cancri e is an odd one

We are finding out more about planets outside of our solar system. 55 Cancri e is an odd one: it orbits its sun once every 17 Earth hours, and is only 2.3 kms away - can you imagine that? I wonder what it sounds like there. You would definitely not…
15 May 5 min

Looking Up - 08 May 24 - New Boeing Starliner capsule

Two items: the recently postponed launch of the new Boeing Starliner capsule and what will those astronauts wear? Plus, a new find: a very massive stellar black hole in our galaxy, 33 times the mass of our Sun.
8 May 6 min

Looking Up - 01 May 24 - K2-18 b

K2-18 b may be the location for our first detection of alien life. We will have to wait a few months for results of recent observations to become available. Spoiler alert: probably not life you could enjoy a cup of tea and a cosy fireside chat with.
1 May 4 min

Looking Up - 17 April 24 - Fast Radio Bursts

Fast Radio Bursts: can we ever see them? What are they? Masters student Kira Hanmer is among the first in the world ever to go looking for these unexplained phenomena in the optical realm.
17 Apr 5 min