TCS+ | The need for speed: Braintree's Heath Huxtable on modern IT infrastructure

TCS+ | The need for speed: Braintree's Heath Huxtable on modern IT infrastructure

The need to deploy servers and supporting software applications hasn’t changed, but the way these deployments are done has.
The days when teams of highly skilled consultants and technicians entered a customer’s environment and made a slew of changes are over.
It’s clear that enterprises are looking for ways to deploy their IT infrastructure remotely and quickly, which has resulted in a fast transition from on-premises to cloud (or a combination of the two), faster time to market and a more rapid return on investment.
Heath Huxtable, executive head at Braintree (Vox, part of Vivica Holdings), says it is important to take all stakeholders, including end users, along for the journey, which leads to a more engaged and empowered client.
Huxtable joined host James Erasmus on TechCentral’s TCS+ show to share his advice on alleviating the concerns many executives have about shifting to the cloud.
Huxtable talks about many practical implications and cited numerous industries where the change from on-premises servers to the cloud can be deployed, not only remotely, but also with a very flexible and scalable architecture.
This reduces “bill shock” and softens the impact of the overused and feared word “change”, he says.
Speed has become the lifeblood of businesses worldwide and, as new technologies evolve, so does the need for more efficient and rapid deployment in the most cost-effective manner possible.
Braintree assists companies in meeting their infrastructure needs quickly, without the slow and capital-intensive process of building company-owned infrastructure.
The company’s rapid server deployment is not based on a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather looks at each customer’s requirements to ensure a solution that works for them. This, in turn, allays fears customers may have when embracing new technologies.
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