Looking Up - 15 Mar 23 Black holes! What are they?

Black holes! What are they? How many are out there? How do we know they are there? Kechil talks to Dr Chris Pearson who was in Cape Town with the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project.
15 Mar English South Africa Places & Travel

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Looking Up - 10 May 23 Space-X's Starlink programme

Space-X's Starlink programme, which is sending thousands of satellites into low earth orbit, is coming in for some criticism. Another hazard has been detected and researched by SETI intern Ramiro Saide: aliens! Kechil unpacks the problem.
10 May 4 min

Looking Up - 03 May 23 You too can be a scientist

You too can be a scientist, and participate in a sonification experiment. Human ears are very good at detecting patterns, and NASA needs volunteers to help find patterns in data, representing the magnetic dance between the Sun and the Earth. Go to this site: https://listen.spacescience.org/
3 May 4 min

Looking Up - 26 Apr 23 Sara de la Fuente is the Science Operations Manager

Sara de la Fuente is the Science Operations Manager for a very interesting mission that was launched on 14th April to visit the icy moons of Jupiter. The mission will involve many different science instruments. For example, it will take detailed images and measure the magnetic fields around Jupiter's moons.
26 Apr 5 min