Reddy to Go!

24.03.23 Pt 2 - Gareth discovers Ben has incredible eyesight during a conversation about a new ad campaign that Simphiwe is excited about. Actor and comedian Prev Reddy is in the house, and he is proud to announce some new shows coming up. He also breaks the news that ‘Aunty Shamilla’ is retiring, as he plans to focus on his stand-up and film careers, with less social media input. George Mienie joins to give us the latest from the automotive world.
24 Mar 1AM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · News

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Housing Crisis for Birds

06.05.23 Pt 2 - "Where do the birds go when it's raining?" is a serious question on Gord's mind. Did you know that there's an automatic pap maker? Would you consider getting it? Lebang and Gord go on a bit of a tangent about their love for the air fryer..,…
6 Jun 1AM 57 min

How to Survive the Comment Section

06.06.23 Pt 1 - Is Gord a good person for separating his rubbish? If you are a Spiderman fan, then you might want to listen to Lebang's review on the latest installment. And we catch up with JJ Cornish for Africanalysis.
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Billionaire Country

05.06.23 Pt 2 - Leigh-Ann talks about a weird experience someone had while thrift shopping, having found a strange note in an already purchased jacket. Gareth narrows down how many billionaires are in some countries around the world, and what age the average billionaire is in this day and age…
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Aviation Fantasy

05.06.23 Pt 1 - Leigh-Ann has a lucid sex dream about a pilot during a flight, while Gareth finds himself listening to old Tina Turner albums and discovering some classics. Dr. Hanan joins for a Q&A from the audience, and Gareth wants to chime in on the advice.
5 Jun 12AM 1 hour

Scurvy and Pirates

02.06.23 Pt 2 - Ben shares what it’s like being a man in content creation, and what kind of content he creates. Kirsten Neuschäfer joins Gareth to discuss her record-breaking sailing race around the world, and amazes the team with her incredible story.
2 Jun 1AM 59 min