"The Talk"

How can talking about the birds and the bees lead to a conversation about retirement planning? Listen to this unconventional conversation between Dali and his parents.
19 Jun 2023 English South Africa How To · Investing

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Dali’s retirement savings tips with Radio 702

12‑year‑old Dali sat down with @Radio702 to discuss how adults can make more grown‑up decisions about their retirement. How much should you be saving to retire comfortably? How much should you be spending in retirement? Dali answers these questions and more, providing key tips on saving for retirement to secure…
25 Aug 2023 5 min

South Africans ask: How do I make sure my money lasts in retirement?

Life can be unpredictable – especially when it comes to savings. That’s why it’s important for you to withdraw from your retirement income plan responsibly to reduce the risk of using up your investment funds. Dali has a rule of thumb that can help you prepare for your golden years.
12 Jul 2023 1 min

South Africans ask: Can I catch up on my retirement savings?

You can’t reset the clock on the savings years you might’ve missed. But there’s always time to start building your wealth through an investment plan that will give you enough income in retirement. Dali gives some examples of how you can boost your investment returns.
12 Jul 2023 1 min