Christiaan van den Berg Spills the Truth About Entrepreneurship

Marco sits down with fellow entrepreneur, Christiaan van den Berg, to talk about the tumultuous, yet deeply rewarding journey of building a business with purpose.

While completing his articles to become a board-certified CA, Christiaan realised that climbing that particular corporate ladder might not be right for him. After organising a few waitering jobs for friends and family, Christiaan and his long-time friend Heine Bellingan realised the need for a singular platform for entry-level job seekers to find available positions. In 2018 they launched JOBJACK.

In building JOBJACK, Christiaan has learned a lot about the importance of practising boundaries and leading from a place of wholeness. Today the JOBJACK team has expanded to over 40 employees.

Follow JOBJACK on their mission to employ the world!
28 Aug English South Africa Alternative Health · Christianity

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