Inside Europe - 21 September 2023

How a nuclear power plant was turned into a torture chamber, Lampedusans find themselves on the frontlines of Europe's border crisis, and how to save the British pub? Also: why anti-corruption work is war-work, how the Netherlands keep storm surges at bay, heat-proofing Seville and a trip to Italy’s annual insolvency festival.
21 Sep English Germany Society & Culture

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Inside Europe - 7 December 2023

Energy policy as an international security issue, Russian activists seek a safe haven in Bulgaria and Turkey lines up its demands. Also on the show: the moral case for the return of the Parthenon marbles, second generation migrants and the question of French identity, an Autobahn extension threatens Berlin’s club…
7 Dec 55 min

Inside Europe - 30 November 2023

What are the lessons from the Dutch elections won by far-right firebrand Geert Wilders, London receives its annual Christmas gift from Norway and Germany grapples with a €60 billion hole in its budget. Also: a new Lviv art venue opens amid the Ukraine war, earthquake legislation in Romania forces small…
30 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 23 November 2023

Shock result in the Netherlands, Finland closes border crossings with Russia, and choppy waters ahead for Spain’s Pedro Sanchez. Also: Erdogan’s double game on the Middle East, Italy's mafia mega-trial, the EU's AI Act, and a night out at the circus.
23 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 16 November 2023

A deal to retake power in Spain, the Dutch front-runner who does not want to be Prime Minister, David Cameron’s comeback and an update on Ukraine’s NATO membership bid. Also: an inter-faith initiative in Paris, a Living Library in Düsseldorf, intersecting migration journeys in Serbia and a tech summit in…
16 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 7 November 2023

Migration talks in Berlin, a new pact between Italy and Albania, and Germany's NFL fanbase turns out for the Dolphins. Also: We get a lawyer’s perspective on democratic backsliding in the UK, why 90 Percent of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust, France cracks down on migrant crossings from Italy, and…
9 Nov 55 min