Confirmation Bias

Dr Hanan joins the show to discuss confirmation bias, that nifty little brain glitch where we cherry-pick info that backs up our beliefs. It’s like getting stuck in a ‘yes-man’ echo chamber. Gareth, Leigh-Ann and Bakh’abantu try unravel the complexities behind the lens.
26 Nov 2023 English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

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Overwhelming Support

Simphiwe chats to Dr Hanan Bushkin about how to deal with being flooded with messages of support after a loss. Dr Hanan also gives Simphiwe advice on how to deal with people who make romantic advances during a period of grief.
3 Mar 14 min

Anxiety and Travel

Producer Ryan asks Dr Hanan how to cope with one of his biggest life changes, moving abroad. And Gareth questions people who medicate when one does not need to, regardless of the your poison of choice.
25 Feb 13 min

Socialisation and Gender Norms

Dr Hanan joins Gareth, Producer Ryan and Sunil Osman to discuss socialisation and gender roles, and how everyone’s path is unique.
18 Feb 13 min

Dealing with Loss in the Workplace

After dealing with a tragic loss at CliffCentral last week, Dr Hanan has some advice for fellow colleagues when dealing with loss in the workplace.
11 Feb 13 min

The Pain of Loss from Afar

Dr Hanan helps a son who is struggling to cope with his mother's death, as he lives overseas and was unable to say goodbye or attend the funeral in person.
4 Feb 13 min