Episode 1 - The Cape Point Vineyards

Welcome to our first podcast where we head out to Noordhoek to explore the Cape Point Vineyards. Our interview is with Lizanne van der Spuy who gives you an overview of the farm and then tells you all about their delicious and very easy drinking Noordhoek Sauvignon Blanc. We hope you enjoy it.
17 Oct 2020 English South Africa Hobbies · Places & Travel

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Triple 3

This week we deviate from wine a little to explore the delicious range of gins from Triple Three. Rolf, the third generation distiller explains to us the history behind the name and the nuances to true distilling. Remember to head on to our social media to see the photos from…
19 Dec 2020 11 min

Pink Valley

This week we had to Pink Valley Wines for a real wow experience. We got to experiment with their gin style drink, Mrs Muller followed by a glass of their easy-drinking Rosè. The restaurant is an absolute must with an explosion of flavours that will wow your taste buds. Of…
5 Dec 2020 6 min

Rijks Tulbagh

This week we head on over to Rijks Estate & Hotel in Tulbagh to see the renovations and hear about their wines. We chat with Pierre Wahl about how their focus has changed over the years. He also tells us about how their MCC is changing. I do think that…
27 Nov 2020 11 min

Oude Compagnies Post

In today's podcast of Wines of the Cape, we continue with our trip to the historic town of Tulbagh. Oude Compagnies Post turned out to be quite a find as we spent an hour wine tasting with Dirk Swanepoel, the current winemaker. His wines are easy drinking and his sense…
20 Nov 2020 5 min

Diggers Home

Today's episode of Wines of the Cape sees us continue our journey through Tulbagh as we visit Diggers Home. This is a fairly new farm that is really making its mark fast. So listen up to hear what they are all about as we speak to the owner, David Anderson…
13 Nov 2020 11 min