Dating in the 21st Century

There comes a time when a generation is just too obsessed with something.
In the 70s our parents wanted nothing but to be hippies and to stick it to the man, then there are the 80s the generation that had the funk and got down to groove music.

Now it seems this generation and even the one before the recent is love or relationship crazed, there is nowhere you can go whether on social media or at the office relationship talk is dominating the general conversation that our social circles are having. What seems to be more frustrating is that instead of having the necessary conversation for people to grow in their relationships people are feeding each other lies and misleading people about what seems to be a healthy approach to a healthy lifestyle or relationship.

I am going to take this time to add my 5 cents worth of what I would consider having or going about having a healthy relationship.

1. Having open Lines of communication, this means you and your spouse have what we call open conversation and no one feels like they can never say their peace or their opinions
2.Being Open Minded, this point is directly linked to the first point, you must not be a closed book and you only live in your head. Let your partner or spouse know what makes things interesting for you.

3. Be honest, I know it sounds cliche and something that you have already heard or read but be Honest with yourself first before you can be honest with anyone else, cause the lies we tell ourselves we end up believing and its the most dangerous. If something or someone is not for you anymore, or you have fallen out of love with a person, be honest enough with yourself to acknowledge it. whatever the case may be.
20 Oct 2020 English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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