Inside Covid-19: SA variant - what it means for vaccine development, ending pandemic - Prof Madhi

The South African variant of Covid-19 has changed the outlook for the way the coronavirus pandemic is likely to unfold - in South Africa as well as elsewhere. Scientists in South Africa say there is a "reasonable concern" that the new variant of Covid-19 sweeping across the country might prove to be more resistant to current vaccines being rolled out in the UK and elsewhere, and warn that it makes the need for a global roll-out of vaccines "even more critical”. In this episode of Inside Covid-19, we have a special interview with one of South Africa’s leading scientists in the fight against Sars-CoV-2 - Professor Shabir Madhi, who has been leading trials for the vaccine in South Africa. He shares the details of the work going on behind the scenes to understand the mutations and what this means for vaccine development, the impact of the disease on people and how governments can respond to the changing threat from the disease.
7 Jan 2021 10AM English South Africa Health & Fitness · Business News

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