Inside Covid-19: Life may only return to normal in 7 years; long Covid and your sense of smell; travel outlook

Around 65% of people with coronavirus lose their sense of smell and taste and it's estimated that about 10% of those go on to develop rare conditions that create havoc. Parosmia means you can find human waste smells like food and vice versa, the smell of water can make you feel sick and coffee can make you vomit if you get so much of a whiff. Even your partner can become unbearably smelly. So what causes parosmia? Can you treat it? We spoke to Reading University flavour scientist Dr Jane Parker who is undertaking in-depth research on Covid-19 and parosmia. Also coming up in this programme: the long term effects of Covid-19 on the travel and tourism industries, with warnings that life may only return to normal in 7 years at today’s vaccine rates. Christopher Nassetta, President & CEO, Hilton shares his outlook for the hotel industry in 2021. - Jackie Cameron
5 Feb 2021 9AM English South Africa Health & Fitness · Business News

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