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115 EPISODES | MUT RADIO |  Podcast, ±13 min episode every 3 days
The MUT Cruise is hosted every weekdays from 10am to 12pm. The show seeks to speak about engaging interesting, thought provoking and emotional, moving topics- which are there to attract the attention of the listeners. Introspecting about themselves and sharing their opinions and experiences.

On Music Podcast with Matt Tsolo

13 EPISODES | MATT TSOLO |  Podcast, ±38 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
From recording their first song, to becoming a chart-topping artist, On Music Podcast brings you closer to the biggest music stars across the world! Each week I’ll find out more on their biggest hits, biggest misses and how the music that we love changed their lives! Join me Matt Tsolo I ask for all the answers to all your questions!

Shotgun Story

41 EPISODES | SOLID GOLD PODCASTS #BEHEARD |  Podcast, ±44 min episode every 2 weeks, 2 days
Welcome to Shotgun Story

The podcast that has conversations with Indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all, so that you may be inspired by the journeys of other artists who are doing it for themselves and maybe gain a little more understanding as to why it matters quite so much that you keep creating.

another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard


23 EPISODES | HOT 102.7FM |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
Mark Pilgrim teases your brain as he gets you through your workday, opening with the HOT Rewind (can you guess the mystery year? and piquing your curiosity with the one-second challenge – all mixed in the Joburg’s Best in Old Skool and R&B. Tune in to Mark Pilgrim on Hot 1027, weekdays, from 9am 12pm on your radio dial on 102.7FM, on DStv audio channel 822 and streaming all over on

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