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Dr Herman Edeling - Medico-legal Examiner and Mediator
Mr Lusani Mulaudzi - ASSA President Elect and the CEO of Grassroots Impact Solutions
Neeta Khandoo - Physiotherapist

Dr Herman Edeling will share his insights on the topic of “The determination of Life Expectancy in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice claims, with particular reference to the role and limitations of the medical expert, and the complimentary roles of actuaries and other experts.”

Mr Mulaudzi will share his view on the role that Actuaries can play in the Medio-Legal space. His presentation will consider the Medico-Legal claims against the State, exactly how big the problem is and what role an Actuary can play to address knowledge gaps and solve the problem.

Neeta Khandoo is a physiotherapist with a passion for problem-solving within the health sector. I have a unique combination of clinical experience, research skills, and business knowledge.


Chaired by:
Malizole Mdlekeza FIA CAIA CERA - Chairman - Actuarial Society of South Africa - Alternative Investments Committee

Linda Mateza - Head: Human Resources Management at GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund

Ndabezinhle Mkhize - Chief Investment Officer at Eskom Pension and Provident Fund

Lynette Ntuli - Chief Executive at Innate Investment Solutions: Property Development and Infrastructure Asset Management

Stuart Bartlett - Department Head: Development Impact
Industrial Development Corporation of SA Ltd (IDC)

The Alternative Investments Committee aims to expand the reach of the actuarial profession beyond the more traditional areas of actuarial practice. The actuarial skill set is one that can be applied to a broad range of areas, including alternative investments/alternative investment management. One of the asset classes covered by the committee is venture capital (private equity). Within this area, the sub-topics of entrepreneurship and SMME investment are important & topical, on both a general as well as a national/policy level. This sessional brings key players together from the private sector and the public sector, as well as pension funds, to discuss important issues and share insights. Some of the key issues to be discussed include:

- The importance of entrepreneurship in SA from an economic, demographic and social perspective, both now and into the future.

- Where actuaries can play a role: either in the underlying investment management, in setting strategic asset allocations or in the broader social planning surrounding these issues.

- How both the private and public sector can play their part to ensure long term growth/sustainability

- How pension funds view the importance of entrepreneurship/SMME investment from an ESG perspective, and how this is currently dealt with in the marketplace.

- An ideal model involving all stakeholders in tackling the issue of SMME investment in South Africa


What is the Role of the Actuary in Microinsurance?
What is the demand and supply of actuaries in the Microinsurance space?
How do the Governance and Operational Standards for Microinsurers compare to those for Insurers?
What are the PPR requirements, particularly for Funeral insurance?
What are the issues around contract boundaries and pricing for Microinsurance products?

These are just some of the questions that David Kirk, Chair of the Microinsurance Committee of the Actuarial Society, aims to cover in the sessional meeting.

Student Sessional Meetings: Board of Examiners

The Actuarial Society Academy has pleasure in inviting you to sessional meetings at which André Bellingan will share information on what examiners want, how the examination (and marking!) process works, and various other valuable hints and suggestions. André has extensive experience as principal examiner, so this is a meeting you should not miss if you want that additional “inside information”.

Big Data in the Cloud

Insurance companies are increasing their reliance on more rich and varied datasets to manage and operate their businesses.

Insurance companies are no strangers to managing data and computer systems and some of the first computers were installed at banks and insurance companies to automate their processes. Over time massive investments have been made in physical data centres, software licence purchases, disaster recovery and data protection measures. Outages can cost companies millions in lost revenue and reputational damage.

Investments in computer capacity have traditionally been of a capital nature. Big data has increased the demands on companies to invest in new hardware and software to cope with the every increasing volume and speed at which data is being received and the need to analyse it.

In response, many companies are considering making use of cloud computing solutions, where both hardware and software can be “hired” on demand for as long as these resources are needed.

This sessional will explore the privacy and security concerns with reference to sensitive health insurance data by expiring the following topics
- Regulatory framework (POPI, GDPR and HIPAA)
- Data governance
- Attribute-based access control
- Classification of data by identifiability and sensitive content (PII, QPI and non-PII)
- De-identification tenchniques
- Re-identification risk for some data
- Tracking and auditing data use
- Mitigating hacking and ransomware threats

We will also consider the approach to assessing the cost implications for moving part or all of your data to the cloud instead of investing in an on-premises big data warehouse.

Presented by:
• Ashleigh Theophanides
• Anton Gerber
• Matt Zylstra

Market Conduct Sessional Meeting

You may have been accustomed to “Treating Customers Fairly” (TCF). Recently, Council has agreed to replace the TCF Committee with the “Market Conduct Committee”. The focus of the Committee is to actively support the development and thought leadership of actuarial practice in the context of market conduct through the development of Standards of Actuarial Practice and Actuarial Practice Notes, and the provision of CPD events. In other words, a broader remit than TCF in isolation.

In light of the above, members from the Market Conduct Committee will highlight key features of the Committee, providing insights of how members could interact with the Committee. The presenters in Johannesburg are Neil Savage, Peter Johnstone and Tamar Lewis.

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