Kaya 959 Beyond Corona - South Africa and the World After the Pandemic

Beyond Corona - South Africa and the World After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought societies and their economies worldwide to a standstill. As a major disruptor COVID-19 changes the trajectory of political and socio-economic developments. The pandemic has revealed the weaknesses and strengths of current governance and economic systems and provides us with an unique opportunity to correct the development path we were on before the pandemic hit us. In this podcast series, brought to you by Kaya FM in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, we ask experts, futurists and independent thinkers about the potential impact the pandemic has on our future and what lessons we can learn.
Weekly English Explicit South Africa Arts · Arts Narrated by John Perlman
12 Episodes

Episode 12 : Social Cohesion

South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world and COVID-19 seems to bring out the best and worst in societies. More affluent neighbourhoods partnered with poor communities in order to support them and provide them with food and clothes. On the other hand, as resources get…
3 Aug 2020 59 min

Episode 11 : Sustainability

Due to social distancing measures, lock down and a subsequent decrease in social and economic activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Co2 emissions have been reduced significantly. The virus has achieved in a short period of time, what nations and countries committed to the international Paris Declaration on Climate Change…
27 Jul 2020 41 min

Episode 10 : Social Media and Fake News

While the internet and social media provide citizens with the opportunity to inform themselves about just any topic they are interested in, they are also used as platforms to spread false information and fake news. The danger of misinformation and fake news is especially great in times of crisis, such…
16 Jul 2020 46 min

Episode 9 : Xenophobia & Migration

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, xenophobia was a challenge in our society, be it politicians making xenophobic statements during their election campaigns or some citizens expressing frustrations about their economic exclusion in relation to the perceived economic success of non-South Africans. How has the corona virus crisis brought xenophobia to…
9 Jul 2020 49 min

EPISODE 8 : Arts & Culture

The arts in South Africa – music and theatre, dance and comedy, literature and fine art – employ more than a one million people. And yet this sector gets a very thin slice of national and provincial budgets and a modest share of corporate sponsorship. The corona virus pandemic didn’t…
1 Jul 2020 40 min

EPISODE 7 : The Health System

South Africa’s health system had more than enough problems before Covid-19 – high prices and over servicing in parts of the private sector, poor service delivery in much of the public space, and massive inequalities between the two. And now the system is under more pressure than ever. Will that…
24 Jun 2020 39 min

EPISODE 6 : The Future of Work

Before the corona virus pandemic, unemployment was the biggest challenge South Africa faced. Covid-19 has made that crisis much worse – destroying economic value, diverting essential investment funds and crushing further the spirit of our country’s poor. In this episode we ask: Will Corona and its consequences kill off some…
18 Jun 2020 41 min

EPISODE 5 : Education

In this episode we ask: Can we use the coronavirus crisis to build a more efficient and equitable education system going forward? Can we seize the moment to close the gaps in essentials like clean water and innovations like online learning? Or will we just fall back into old patterns…
10 Jun 2020 41 min

EPISODE 4 : Electoral Politics

Next year, South Africans are supposed to go to the polls to vote in the local government elections. As those elections draw closer, it’s safe to say that the initial unity of purpose around the pandemic between the ruling party and those in opposition has started to unravel. How will…
3 Jun 2020 39 min

EPISODE 3: Governance

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the South African government has had to make many decisions about how to manage this crisis. Many of these decisions raise questions about the kind of government we have currently and the kind that will be formed as a result of coronavirus. Joining…
27 May 2020 39 min

EPISODE 2 : International Relations

In The second episode we will look at how global politics have already shifted dramatically.There will be profound changes ahead in the years to come.How will tensions between china and the US affect Africa? Will the European Union grow weaker? How much will debt and economic distress determine relationships between…
20 May 2020 39 min

EPISODE 1: Ineqality and Economic Justice

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many of South Africa’s deep inequalities. While we are still in the grip of the lockdown and a post-coronavirus world seems far off, the current moment presents an opportunity to shape the country and world we want. In this first episode of Beyond Corona –…
13 May 2020 39 min