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EP 29: Are You a Follower or a Disciple?

Hey lovelies

This podcast episode is based on the study of Mark 10:32-34 where we see a distinction being made between those who followed Jesus and those who were his disciples. This begs the question to us as believers, where do we stand?

EP 27: Are You Really Free?

Hey lovelies
Welcome to another episode of the ABIDE Podcast. I am super amped to share this message, a challenging one that urges us to investigate whether or not we are truly free or are we still bound.

Main Verse: John 8: 31-34

EP 26: Understanding The Leaven

Hello lovelies

And welcome to a new episode of the abide podcast with Misha Lekhuleni!!!
I am super excited to share this episode with you and just delve into this word that God led me to.

Main Verse:
Mark 8:13-15
and the many supporting scriptures are in the video.

Tell me where do you draw the line when it comes to being influenced by your fave "Christian influencers" ?

EP 25: Are You Being Led By The Spirit of God?

Hey Abiders

I am excited to share with you all EP 25 of the Abide Podcast, where I delve into the ministry of the Holy Spirit and how we ought to be more led by Him. I believe we need to start seeing Him and treating Him as God, which He is and not just a second rate citizen in the Trinity.
Abide EP 25 Video

EP 23: Creating An Environment For The Spirit To Dwell

Hey friends

I hope you're all doing well in this new year.

In my study of Exodus 33:7-1; I couldn't not share this revelation with y'all. The realization that we are ultimately in control of how much we get to experience God and how much of His presence He is able to share with us actually up to us is a game changer.
When we start doing what we are supposed to do and create that environment, can you imagine what God is willing to release to us?!
YouTube Episode

EP 22: Be Decisive in Your Journey

Hey friends

I hope you're all doing well in this new year.

This episode was inspired by a random candle and the Lord managed o drop some wisdom on me. I hope you are encouraged by it to no longer be split and indecisive about God as you journey. But we should be a generation that is fix on Him and only Him.
YouTube Episode

EP 21: Receiving the Upgrade

Hello friends and a happy new year to you.

This episode was recorded at my local church where I was preaching the first sermon of the new year.
I hope you will find value in it and be encouraged by it.

Main scripture is found in John 20:19-22

EP 20: Q&A Secret Place Process

Hey lovelies

This episode is brought to you by a question and answer poll I ran on my Instagram. One Qhama_Ndiki asked me what my opinion I had about "the secret place process" and this is what I thought.
I was joined by the lovely Daniella Voumbo again and I loved having her.

EP 17: Do I Have To Walk Through The Valley? | Psalm 23:4

Hey lovelies

We are on episode 4 of the #Psalm23Breakdown and my oh my does God have a word for us.
I hope you are edified by this and that the Holy Spirit convicts to move in accordance with God's word.
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