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Weekends with Thabiso Khambule

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Episode 25: Well-balance life with MNI – Pain and Sleep

Sleep is essential to maintain physical health, emotional well-being, and cognitive performance. At night, during the sleep-cycle, the body undergoes a renewal process, it "repairs and regrows tissues, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system."
17 Mar 2 min

Episode 22: Well-balance life with MNI -Mental & physical well-being of children

It's well-known that children have a lot going on in their lives. With school, homework, household responsibilities, and extracurricular activities, it can be easy to overlook the impact this can have on their mental and physical well-being. While these activities can be positive and beneficial, it's essential to give them…
17 Feb 2 min

Episode 21: Well-balance life with MNI - Combat stress of the new year

We all like to start the year off with a bang, with our new year’s resolutions in place ready to take on the best year of our life, and then life happens! Challenges arise like unexpected financial obligations, health issues, and disappointments, which in turn lead to frustration and anxiety…
10 Feb 2 min

Episode 19: Well-balance life with MNI – Weight gain in your teenager

Insulin performs several different functions that may lead to the accumulation of excess body fat. Firstly, insulin regulates fat production. After a meal, when the quantity of glucose that enters the system is more than what can be used for immediate energy requirements, insulin promotes the conversion of excess sugar…
27 Jan 3 min

Episode 16: Well-balance life with MNI – Understand the Metabolic Syndrome

The Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) is the collective term used for a group of interlinked medical conditions that all pose a significant health risk. If left unchecked, the cumulative effect of these conditions statistically reduces life expectancy by increasing the risk for developing heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, as…
8 Jan 2 min

Episode 11 - Tackling Triglycerides

Research has proven that raised triglycerides is an independent risk factor for heart disease. This means that raised triglycerides, without any other risk factors like raised total or LDL-cholesterol, can cause heart disease all on its own.
21 Nov 2022 3 min

Episode 10 - Cholesterol, The Silent Killer

High cholesterol is one of the key components of the Metabolic Syndrome, which is our core focus of diseases. With high cholesterol, because you can’t see or don’t really feel the effects of it until it’s too late, we must all be careful and aware and check our levels. Why?…
15 Nov 2022 3 min
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