I am a child of God ,a wife ,a mother, an employer and employee, content creator in the YouTube space and now God decides to add Radio presenter to the list. What an honor and a privilege to be part of the family and to be used by God in this season and to help each other navigate this thing called life and showing Grace to others. I will be with you every Monday from 6-7pm talking all things Grace matter from Marriages, relationships, the body of Christ and involving youth in some of the segments.
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GRACE UPON GRACE - Siya Saanga Sityana - film & commercial director

13.11.2023 - This week on #GraceuponGrace with Musa Jakuja, im joined by film & commercial director Siya Saanga Sityana, a storyteller since the age of 16 years old, joined the Cape Town International Film School and years later he works with alot of actors such as Denzil Washington, Lupita Nyongo…
13 Nov 41 min

GRACE UPON GRACE - Pastor Michael Morris

30.10.2023 - This week on #GraceuponGrace with Musa, I chat to Pastor Michael Morris - a husband, a father of 2, son of God, he Sheperds at the Alpha & Omega Christian fellowship and an Author, on the importance of 'embracing the heart of spiritual sonship'. This concept emphasizes the…
30 Oct 42 min

GRACE UPON GRACE - Mum Nombeko & Isipho-Esihle Nontshokweni

09.10.2023 - GRACE UPON GRACE - Join us on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation! 🌟 Tune in to #GraceuponGrace from 6 to 7 PM as we explore the importance of OBEDIENCE and living a well established Legacy for generations and generations. Mum Nombeko & Isipho-Esihle Nontshokweni takes us…
9 Oct 45 min


11.09.2023 - GRACE UPON GRACE - Pastor Marlon Hartnick - We chat to Pastor Marlon Hartnick on the topic of KINGDOM HERITAGE, how it needs to look like, how it to be shown by His chosen to those that are still to find this GOSPEL ....if we do not represent…
11 Sep 43 min

GRACE UPON GRACE - Cervania Fortuin - Grace to bounce back

07.08.2023 - GRACE UPON GRACE - Cervania Fortuin - Today we chat to Cervania Fortuin on the Grace to bounce back. I know this far too well, i was reminded when i was so overly tirely but i had to get work done and slept at 3am, know very well…
7 Aug 39 min

GRACE UPON GRACE - Noloyiso October - Self Limiting belief & paradigms

31.07.2023 - GRACE UPON GRACE - Noloyiso October - Today we chat to Noloyiso October on Self Limiting belief & paradigms. have you been doubting yourself latety, feeling like validation from people around make you feel special and if they dont you not worth it? It all boils down to…
31 Jul 37 min

GRACE UPON GRACE - Lezelle Scholtz - How to deal with grieve

24.07.2023 - GRACE UPON GRACE - Lezelle Scholtz - Today we chat to Lezelle Scholtz on how to deal with grieve and how do we support anyone who has lost someone or something because a loss is a loss and we all need some type of way to cope, deal…
24 Jul 43 min

GRACE UPON GRACE - Janine Liedeman - Mental Health amongst believers

10.07.2023 - GRACE UPON GRACE - Janine Liedeman - Let us then renew our mind and allow God to minister to us through Janine Liedeman - a registered councillor and today we talk Mental Health amongst believers....How do we pray and support those amonst us who are faced with Mental…
10 Jul 44 min
1 – 20