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Africa Digital World

Podcast · Touch HD
The digital era has transformed human society irreversibly. Besides the hype of consumer products and services, much needs to be said about the impact of the digital era on commerce and industry. Big and small businesses alike, need to redefine their businesses to take advantage of digital opportunities and similarly,…
2 Dec 2020 14 episodes English Technology · Tech News

Civic Tech in Africa

Podcast · VOW FM 88.1
Civic Tech in Africa is a podcast by the Civic Tech Innovation Network, in partnership with Vow FM. The podcast focuses on the profiling of civic tech initiatives, civic innovators, activists, researchers, social entrepreneurs and others working in the civic tech and other related fields in Africa.
26 Apr 35 episodes English Tech News · Technology

Everlytic Bytes

Podcast · Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
Do you want to run more effective direct marketing campaigns? Then listen up. Everlytic is a digital communication platform that gives businesses the tools to create and send bulk, automated, hyper-personalised emails, SMSs, and voice broadcasts. We developed this podcast, Everlytic Bytes, to provide direct marketers with short snippets of…
30 Mar 21 episodes English Marketing · Tech News

Everything PC

Podcast · TechCentral
Everything PC is a weekly podcast series aimed at South African and global computer enthusiasts. Hosted by Duncan McLeod and Gerhard Pretrorius, season 1 takes a deep dive into the semiconductor industry, with episodes dedicated to AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Apple.
28 Oct 2022 12 episodes English Explicit Technology · Tech News

Moneyweb Crypto

Podcast · Moneyweb Radio
Moneyweb Crypto explores all things crypto and blockchain: the good, the bad and the impossible. If you're looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, or understand this evolving universe, you're in the right place.
31 May 128 episodes English Tech News · Investing


Podcast · Deutsche Welle
How is the Internet changing society? The magazine for digital culture, issues and technology, delivered directly from blogs and boardrooms.
22 Oct 2021 60 episodes English Technology · Tech News

Smile Tech

Podcast · Smile FM
All you ever wanted to know about the latest technology, apps, software, gaming and hardware.
30 May 52 episodes English Tech News


Podcast · TechCentral
Your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg talk about all things technology, local and international.
19 Apr 2020 167 episodes English Technology · Tech News

Tech Check with Kahla and Kruger

Podcast · The Citizen News
A podcast about all things tech and gaming, from the latest budget smartphones to high-end laptops and everything in between. Tech Check is hosted by The Citizen's tech mavens and gaming aficionados – Cheryl Kahla and Lyle Kruger, while Devina Haripersad keeps everything running off-mic.
29 May 11 episodes English Tech News · Video Games

Tech Insights on VOW FM

Podcast · VOW FM 88.1
Tech Insights is an informative and insightful discussion on developments in the world technology and tech business. The feature is on every Monday between 10 and 11am (South Africa Standard Time). VOW FM presenter and producer Thato Mathibi 'Harvy T' speaks to Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Chartered Accountant and…
27 Oct 2020 5 episodes English Tech News · Technology

The Best in Tech

Podcast · TechCentral
Join Regardt van der Berg for a look at the latest in consumer technology, from smartphones to computers, and from action cameras to drones - and everything in between.
28 Aug 2018 8 episodes English Technology · Tech News

The Evotel Podcast

Podcast · Evotel
Open-access Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network provider, Evotel’s podcast, you will be introduced to their team members, hear discussions about successful installations. The podcast will give a shout out to service providers and local contractors in the areas that they install fibre and have conversations with the charity organisations…
28 Feb 28 episodes English Tech News · Technology

The Global Startup Movement

Podcast · TimesLIVE Podcasts
The Global Startup Movement podcast delivers independent emerging market focused technology, digital and innovation insights and analysis. We produce podcasts, live events, and bespoke market insight content with a deep understanding of the complex dynamics of the stakeholders within startup ecosystems around the world. The show is executive produced and…
6 Jan 2021 21 episodes English Business · Tech News

The Metatalk with JT

Podcast · Touch HD
Engage in a dynamic conversation with James Matshubeng where he talks about the new world of MetaVerse, Crytocurrency, and Blockchain, everything from AR to VR, your connection to understanding the future of technology.
25 Mar 2022 1 episodes English Tech News · How To

Tomorrow Today

Podcast · Deutsche Welle
Tomorrow Today has the scoop on science. From space travel to environmental conservation, from genetic engineering to medical innovations.
24 Sep 2021 59 episodes English Technology · Tech News

UJ Infrastructure Development and Logistics

Podcast · UJFM 95.4
The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has unveiled its new electric vehicle (EV) buses, in what is a first for a South African university. The EV buses, which will be added to the existing fleet, have already begun ferrying students between various campuses. The buses are the latest innovation in UJ’s…
17 Feb 1 episodes English Technology · Tech News


Podcast · Unreasonable Podcast
Three leading venture capitalists and dinner pals based in Asia, Hian, Vishal and Michael sit down to discuss the unreasonable things that move the world – covering economics, politics and ongoing attempts to outwit each other.
25 May 16 episodes English Investing · Tech News


Podcast · Lutcha
ZATechRadio is a meeting place for the SA Tech community. We host conversations on topics affecting the everyday lives of techies in South Africa. Join us for this podcast and more.
20 Apr 30 episodes English Technology · Tech News