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Everlytic is a digital communication platform that gives businesses the tools to create and send bulk, automated, hyper-personalised emails, SMSs, and voice broadcasts. We developed this podcast, Everlytic Bytes, to provide direct marketers with short snippets of value from professionals in the industry.

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From expert chats, to thought leadership and case studies, this podcast provides you with helpful nuggets of information to advance your campaigns to new heights.

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#021 'Back to normal': Shifts in email engagement since 2020

In this episode, Cristelle Snyman (Marketing Manager at Everlytic) chats with Candice Lee Reeves (Copywriter and marketing professional) about the latest 2022 Everlytic Email Benchmarks Report. Every two years, Everlytic analyse the billions of emails sent from their platform to see what the latest engagement benchmarks are. Use these benchmarks…
30 Mar 24 min

#020 Pattern Interruption & Other Pro Email Tips | Shmuel Herschberg

In this episode, we speak to Shmuel Herschberg. He’s a sought-out keynote speaker, key opinion leader, seasoned digital marketing executive, and the founder of Shine Media, a boutique marketing agency. Listen as he shares his out-of-the-box tips and insights on optimising email marketing engagement and delivery using tools like pattern…
9 Dec 2022 29 min

#019 Everlytic Growth Journey Level 3: Communication Automator

Everlytic has taken a step-by-step approach to growing businesses digital communication abilities by developing the Everlytic Growth Journey. This journey focuses on the progression of mastering business messaging and marketing automation into three levels: Bulk Communicator, Message Personaliser, and Communication Automator. In this podcast, we discuss the final level of…
29 Nov 2022 2 min

#018 Everlytic Growth Journey Level 2: Message Personaliser

Email marketing can get returns of up to R44 for Every R1 spent. But mastering email marketing, or any bulk communication, isn’t something you just do. It takes time and continuous learning. That’s why Everlytic’s created The Everlytic Growth Journey: a road map that gets you from generic bulk communication,…
22 Nov 2022 3 min

#016 Everlytic Growth Journey Level 1: Bulk Communicator

Mastering bulk communication, personalisation, and automation isn’t something you do overnight. As we’ve realised at Everlytic, there are three clear levels to progress: Bulk Communicator, Message Personaliser, and Communication Automator. It’s what we call the Everlytic Growth Journey. The first level of this journey, Bulk Communicator, is when you master…
24 Aug 2022 4 min

#015 The Everlytic Growth Journey - Explained

Don't miss out on better results. Many marketers get into bulk communication and just learn the basics – that’s where their journey ends. They don’t know where to start and how to grow, and they miss out on the potential efficiency, engagement, sales, and retention that come with high-quality messaging,…
17 Aug 2022 4 min

#014 5 Tips for Better Email Engagement in Retail | Leigh Crymble

Join us as we get 5 proven tips for better email marketing performance in retail from Leigh Crymble – a leading behavioural linguist. This podcast is part of a content series dedicated to email marketing in retail and is based on some of the most important findings from our collaborative…
27 Jul 2022 10 min

#013 Powerful Insights for Email Marketing Success in Retail | Leigh Crymble

In this episode, we find out what behavioural linguistics can do for email marketers in the retail industry. We chat with behavioural linguist, Leigh Crymble, to discover proven insights for improving email campaign performance. We dive into customer behaviour, discuss the importance of timing, and explore other key areas that…
20 Jul 2022 19 min

#011 Craft Engaging Copy that Nudges Consumers to Action | Leigh Crymble

Today's Guest is Leigh Crymble (Head Behavioural Linguist at BreadCrumbs Linguistics) As communicators, a brand’s main aim of their communications is to persuade a recipient to do something: buy into a brand story, support a product and / or service, and ultimately, become a loyal brand advocate. In this episode…
27 Apr 2022 15 min

#10 A Marketer’s Guide to Customer-Centricity in Email | Candice Lee Reeves

Senior digital copywriter and marketing professional, Candice Lee Reeves, talks us through: (1) Why customer centricity is so important in marketing (especially digital), (2) how marketers can make their marketing more customer centric by using storytelling principles from Donald Miller’s book, Building a Storybrand, and (3) the 5 tips you…
10 Jan 2022 17 min

#08 Running a Successful Black Friday Campaign | Warrick Kernes

Guest: Warrick Kernes (The Insaka eCommerce Academy) With an influx of advertising on Black Friday, how do you stand out from your competition. Warrick Kernes from The Insaka eCommerce Academy shares some tips for running a successful Black Friday campaign.
9 Nov 2021 11 min

#07 5 Tips to Create Remarkable Content | Musa Kalenga

Musa Kalenga gives his top tips on creating content that converts. Musa Kalenga takes us through his top 5 tips that you, as a marketer, can do right now to start creating remarkable content that converts.
27 Aug 2021 6 min

#05 Making Basic Sense of Data and Automation Strategy | JD Engelbrecht

In this Expert Chat episode, Karyn Strybos speaks to JD Engelbrecht. Businesses have a wealth of information at their fingertips but most of us are struggling to access data, make basic sense of it and activate it efficiently. In this episode we unpack how leveraging your data is not a…
5 Apr 2021 7 min

#03 How to Elevate Email Marketing | Kath Pay

The very first email blast was sent in 1978 and since then has transformed the way companies communicate with customers. Marketers must keep up with the times, but often get stuck in archaic ways of doing things because “it’s always been done this way”. Kath Pay explores how to move…
11 Feb 2021 18 min

#02 POPIA Tips & Tricks | Elizabeth de Stadler

10 Things You Can Do Now We are so pleased to have Elizabeth de Stadler, from Novation Consulting, back with us to chat about the 10 things you can do right now as marketers. Please visit our marketing guides page on our website to download our 2020 POPIA Guide: How…
28 Jan 2021 9 min
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