Navigating gender identity, with Ron Addinall & Elliot Kotze - S4E8

While South Africa has some of the more progressive sexual, gender and reproductive health rights globally, and particularly in Africa, we still need the systems that should support those who are gender diverse to catch up.

This week I’m speaking to two experts in this field, Elliot Kotze and Ronald Addinall. Both work in the field of mental health and have specialised in gender-affirming healthcare, and both share with me their own journeys around their gender identity. This is a particularly beautiful, honest and authentic conversation that I think is a must-listen no matter what your knowledge on the subject or who you identify as. my guests also share with me some invaluable advice for parents to help them understand and navigate gender identity.

Ronald Addinall identifies as a Queer, Masculine of Centre, Gender Non-Binary human who is a clinical social worker, sexologist, activist and highly regarded academic. Elliott Kotze is a counselling psychologist and researcher with extensive experience in gender-affirming healthcare and queer sexual health. His work broadly focuses on improving the quality of life of queer and gender diverse folks through the strategic implementation of community-driven interventions. They are both based in Cape Town.

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