Tunisians Don’t Vote

Tunisia sees a record low voter turnout of less than 9% for parliamentary elections at the weekend. France ends a visa dispute with Maghreb countries, and Kenya drops lion hunting for the Maasai Olympics, now in its 10th year.
19 Dec 2022 English South Africa Daily News · Society & Culture

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Election Challenges

JJ Cornish has some things to say regarding the Nigerian elections outcome... Peter Obi is already getting his legal team prepped for the challenge. Senegal’s President Mack Sall is challenging the two-term constitutional limit to run for a third - will this hold up? And Kenya has received some generous…
22 Mar 16 min

The 46 Least Developed Countries

JJ Cornish joins the show to discuss a range of topics, including thousands of Tunisians defying the government ban on protests against racist remarks by President Kais Saied, the 46 least developed countries in the world meet, and the Seychelles has a major drug problem.
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Litchis at Christmas time

JJ Cornish joins us to give the latest on the gold imbroglio between South Africa and Madagascar. And African leaders at the AU summit have recommitted themselves to red carding countries that have an unconstitutional change of government.
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The Psyche of the Nation

Rwanda is one of many countries throughout history overreacting when finally gaining some strength. Unfortunately under the rule of Paul Kagame, Rwanda is in full support of the Congolese Proxy, in which North Kivu is being targeted through mass killings, forced recruitment and innocent citizen arrests. Mali has expelled their…
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The AWOL President

JJ Cornish brings us the latest African news which includes ‘bumsters’ criticised for procuring young Gambian men for sex with older Western women, the Liberian president being away for 49 days, and Nigeria opting to scrap teaching primary schoolchildren in English.
5 Dec 2022 16 min