#1  Chatting Change: Actress & solo mom Philicity Reeken on the art of being a no-drama mama

Parenting, as any parent will tell you, in-between the abundant joys and rewards, is drama. All the more so when mom and dad live apart, and have to work out ways of working together in the best interests of their children. What does it take for grown-ups to act like grown-ups, putting aside their differences in the name of raising happy children? Philicity Reeken, actress, broadcaster, and single mom, pops into the studio to share her story and her tips for drama-free child-rearing. Chatting Change is made just for you, by BrightRock – the first ever needs-matched life insurance that changes as your life changes.
Season 1 / Episode 1 26 Sep 2019 English South Africa Arts · Kids & Family

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