#2  Chatting Change: How to have those tough conversations about your Vat-en-Sit living arrangements

Call it co-habitation, call it moving in together, or call it, as we do in South Africa, “vat en sit”. Either way, it’s a living arrangement that calls for a lot of thought, planning, and serious conversation. How do you decide whose home you’ll be staying in: your place or mine? How about getting a new place? And once you’ve got that all figured out, how do you agree and manage a joint budget? Questions, questions, questions. Here with the answers is Fefe Khemese, who shares her own experiences and offers valuable tips and insights into the fine art of making a home together. Chatting Change is made just for you, by BrightRock – the first ever needs-matched life insurance that changes as your life changes.
Season 1 / Episode 2 3 Oct 2019 English South Africa Arts · Kids & Family

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