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Chatting Change

CHATTING CHANGE is a short, dynamic and entertaining 20-minute conversation that will be published in a video and podcast format on the Change Exchange, a change-themed blogsite and content repository, by BrightRock. The Change Exchange aims to provide people with a space to share their thoughts and feelings about life's big Change Moments – Landing that Job, Starting a Family, Tying the Knot and Making a Home.
CHATTING CHANGE will extend this conversation, focusing on topics and themes that can assist people in navigating through life's big Change Moments by imparting knowledge, having a laugh, and sharing insightful content with our audience. High-value information delivered with a light touch in an engaging, relatable format will keep our audience coming back for more. Content will be shared and promoted on BrightRock's social media platforms, as well as that of our guests and the hosts of the show.
Hosted by Rami Chuene and Nhlakanipho Manqele, the format is a conversational and entertaining interview around a table with our two hosts and you, our guest, in discussion. The conversation will seek to cover a topic in breadth rather than depth, with our two hosts bringing their own perspectives to the topic. An invited in-studio guest will join in their conversation, providing another perspective and voice.
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12 Episodes

Chatting Change: Where do you stand, when living together turns to falling apart?

If the “co" in cohabitation stands for commitment, connection, and companion, what happens when everything it stands for falls apart? For young couples who choose to live together before or instead of getting married, it’s a tough question that must be tackled, no matter how happily they’re habitating. So what…
Season 1 / Episode 8 20 min

Chatting Change: Super-Planner Precious on Preventing & Surviving Wedding Day Disasters

Whether the Big Day is a grand traditional affair or a trendy contemporary celebration, every wedding is fraught with the prospect of the most carefully-calculated plans going wrong, wrong, wrong. That’s why more and more forward-thinking couples are outsourcing every detail of their nuptials to expert wedding planners who know…
Season 1 / Episode 9 19 min

Chatting Change: Take a break! Why going for the gap can put you back on track

Between school and varsity and choosing a career, between tying the knot and finding a home and raising a family, there’s barely time to pause in the hurly-burly of modern life. Which is why, for more and more people, taking a gap has become an essential mechanism for recalibrating, recharging,…
Season 1 / Episode 10 20 min