#11  Chatting Change: The Win-Win Secret to Giving Your Relationship a Fighting Chance

It takes two to fall hopelessly, head over heels in love, just as it takes two to fall into a bitter, raging argument about…well, what? It could be something serious, such as whether or not to have children, take up a job offer overseas, sell up and move home, or listen to mom-in-law’s advice on how to have a happy marriage.
It could be something so trivial and fleeting, that eventually, in the midst of the battle, you’ve long forgotten why you started fighting in the first place. Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, all the more so in a time of change, which is why learning to manage conflict is so vital to getting along.
As clinical psychologist Dr Vuyo Themba explains in this episode of Chatting Change, love, on its own, isn’t enough. You need to learn to talk, openly and from the heart, in the knowledge that you may not be the one to emerge victorious. Having those difficult conversations is more important, as is the willingness to negotiate and compromise, in the best interests of each other. Because it takes two, after all, to work things out.
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