#12  Chatting Change: For richer or for poorer, what’s the real cost of tying the knot?

Money can’t buy you love, as that famous foursome from Liverpool put it many years ago, but it certainly can buy you the wedding of your dreams. Before you pop the question, however, ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend on your special day, no matter who may be footing the bill. From venue to catering to photography, what’s the price of tying the knot in today’s ever-inflating economy? What are the options for a more modest and scaled-down event, such as a t-shirt & takkies ceremony on a beach? That’s how funnyman Jason Goliath and his wife Sian Baile celebrated their recent betrothal, even if they did jet off to the Maldives for a second and more elaborate wedding soon after. Jason joins us in the studio to share his thoughts, tips, and quips.
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