Be An Agent Of Change, Toxic Masculinity Must Fall

The South African community is angry at Gender-Based Violence and rightfully so.
For years men have been at the helm of abusing women in this country what we see now happening is nothing new but what has changed is that people are taking a stand against it, Gender-Based Violence seemingly has been happening at an alarming rate so much so we can describe it as the new pandemic amidst coronavirus. Rape, Murder, Abuse these are all the things that South African women have to be wary of if and whenever they have to step out of their homes it can happen at any given time and we need to put a stop to it as a country.

This week we explore what can be done to stop this pandemic of GBV that we are in as a country and bring a change of Safety to our environment. Too often members of the public turn a blind eye when domestic violence occurs we need to bring a stop to that kind of thinking and mentality that it is okay for that to be happening even if it is not your immediate family member or friends because the perpetrators view that as acceptance and use it as validation to continue their wrongdoing.

We as a society and a nation need to stand against such acts, uniting to bring change for the women of South Africa and IT STARTS WITH YOU
31 Aug 2020 English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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