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Wendy is a wellness practitioner and an health coach at Intergrated Health Solutions and she helps us ensure we manage our bodies well, to get the best out of them.

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Wendy Christien - Hypoglycemia

Low blood sugar is referred to medically as hypoglycemia and usually happens
when a person’s blood sugar levels drop below the standard range of between
5 and 6 millimoles per liter.
Diabetic medications can cause hypoglycemia in people with diabetes, but
many people experience low blood sugar without being diabetic.
Wendy walks us through the symptom to look out for and more...

Wendy Christien – The Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the 10 th cranial nerve and is also referred to as the wandering nerve. It emerges from the brainstem and splits to travel down the left and right side of the neck into the body. It activates the throat muscles, regulates our heart rate, and ensures that the respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems work properly.
We need to understand it’s function but more importantly, we need to take care of it, and Wendy tells us how.

Wendy Christien - The Gut Brain Connection

The gut, which is often referred to as the second brain, communicates with our actual brain to regulate our mental and physical wellbeing.
Although stress and anxiety are psychological conditions, gastrointestinal problems can create stress and anxiety, but stress and anxiety can also cause gut issues.

Wendy Christien – Electromagnetic Frequencies

As the earth revolves it creates a natural electromagnetic energy field, but continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation, whether from natural or artificial sources, can disrupt the delicate balance within this natural energy field. It is believed to be linked to a variety of harmful outcomes for human health, including cancer, diminished fertility, cognitive and neurological dysfunction, and autoimmune diseases.

Wendy Christien – Diabetes

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are the two main types of diabetes. Research is now talking about Type 3 diabetes, which is diabetes of the brain and can be a factor in people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
Wendy shares valuable information on each type of diabetes, the effects on the body and how to change your lifestyle to better manager or reverse diabetes.

Wendy Christien – Collagen

Collagen, which is found in our muscles, tendons, bones, blood vessels, skin, and digestive systems is the most abundant protein in our bodies.
Collagen has several benefits. It is necessary to keep our skins elastic and our joints, ligaments, and tendons strong. It quite literally is the glue that binds our bodies together, but as we age, we lose collagen.
Wendy shares on the types and sources of collagen and what to watch out for if we ingest too much.

Wendy Christien – Healthy Foods and Weight Gain - 3 Nov 2022

Even healthy food will cause weight gain if not eaten in moderation.
Several factors contribute to weight gain in people who follow healthy eating plans. The quantity as well as the quality of the foods we eat influences how
they are utilized and stored in the body. Just because foods are healthy doesn’t mean we should be eating unhealthy amounts of them. Healthy foods still contain calories and therefore we must watch our portion sizes as well as what we’re eating a lot of if weight gain is an issue.

Wendy Christien – Breast Cancer Awareness - 27 Oct 2022

When abnormal cells start to proliferate in the breast tissue it can lead to breast cancer. Breast cancer can occur in one or both breasts and, although it is most common in women, more and more men are also developing breast cancer too. Wendy walks us through the possible causes, the different kinds of breast cancers, and the responsibility that men and women have to self-examine regularly and get help if anything abnormal is spotted.

Wendy Christien - 13 October 2022 - Food Addictions

Certain foods affect our brain chemistry more than others which can make
them highly addictive.
People usually become addicted to junk foods and the effect is as complex as
drug addiction. Food addictions are not merely a lack of willpower, they are
caused by a neurotransmitter imbalance that affects the brain’s biochemistry.

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