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Post Up Podcast is an African NBA-focused podcast where your hosts Cyrus Rogers and Kaunda Chama talk all things NBA from a uniquely African perspective. Weekly, the guys discuss the NBA, from the various players to the diverse teams, from trades to big-time plays and everything in between. The NBA is a league made up of huge stars and they get a lot of attention, but the dynamic duo of Cyrus and Kaunda also pay special attention to players of African descent that are setting the league alight and making their name. They tell those stories as well as covering the big topics too.

Cyrus Rogers and Kaunda Chama are former editors of Africa and are basketball writers and TV analysts who work across multiple medias talking basketball and specifically the NBA and WNBA.
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Post Up Podcast 22/23 Ep: 14 – Unpredictable West is getting red hot

This season the Western Conference is even more unpredictable and surprising as usual. The Nuggets lead the way with the Grizzlies right behid them. But then things get really weird with the standings changing rapidly. On this episode of the Post Up Podcast Cyrus and Kaunda dive into the West…
20 Jan 45 min

Post Up Podcast 22/23 Ep: 13 – All-Star vote returns and slept on teams

The second NBA All-Star fan vote returns are in and LeBron remains king. But there are some surprises in the Eastern Conference frontcourt returns. On the Post Up Podcast this week Cyrus and Kaunda look at the returns and investigate the stories that they tell. Then the duo looks at…
13 Jan 46 min
1 – 20