Puff Adder ventures into KZN factory

In the latest Snake Rescue podcast, Nick Evans is called back to a factory at Cato Ridge, outside Durban, where he’s been for a snake rescue before. Previously, Nick was called out there in the early hours of one morning to capture a decent sized python. On this particular day though, there was a different kind of snake - a highly venomous one at that - a Puff Adder!

"It had ventured indoors and into a place where the snake could bump into humans, with an unpleasant outcome for both potential parties," says Nick Evans.

Puff Adders have a potent cytotoxic venom, which causes tissue damage and pain, so avoiding a bite from one is ideal.

"They bite a number of people throughout Africa each year, not intentionally. These are ambush predators. They lie in wait for their prey to come past.

"Unfortunately, because even small mammals use our pathways, these snakes occasionally lie on or next to pathways. This is when a bite can occur," says Nick.

Needless to say, he needed to remove it, for everyone's safety.

Listen to the details in the latest Snake Rescue podcast below.