Nick Evans, a power tool and an elusive Forest Cobra

This was a really exciting call out for Nick Evans because it was for a snake he hadn't caught in years - a Forest Cobra!

"This snake really played hard to get, and it took a few trips to actually catch it. On one of those trips, we worked for ages, doing proper manual labour. It all paid off in the end!" recalls Nick.

* More from Nick: Forest Cobras are a beautiful snake species found on the KZN North Coast, and become more and more common further north. So not a snake we see around Durban. And unlike our Durban cobra (the Mozambique Spitting Cobra), Forest Cobras do not spit. Nice for the likes of me! They have an interesting, two-toned color appearance. The front half is a yellowish-brown color, and it darkens towards the tail end. The tail end is pitch black. They have a shiny appearance. Like all of our cobras, they are highly venomous. They can also hood up, impressively, too. But if given half a chance, they'll flee, not wanting confrontation.