#085 Well - Bats may seem like that to rats, but we think so too! | Jonathan Haw

Well - Bats may seem like that to rats, but we think so too!

Guest: Jonathan Haw (Director, EcoSolutions)

“In their previous lives, poets were bats, and thinkers were owls.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

And that's what this episode of Grounded is all about - the kings and princes of the night skies, Bats and Owls.

Jonathan Haw, director of Ecosolutions, lets us in on the mythology surrounding our nocturnal hunters, how to move them if you don't want bats in your belfry, and how to encourage them to come and keep your property clear of rats and Mozzies!
2 Dec 2021 English South Africa Home & Garden · Leisure

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