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#097 'When life hands you dirt, plant seeds' | Linda Galvad

Every seed has a story. What began as a seed of an idea turned into a passion for growing from seed for Organic Gardening Goddess Linda Galvad. In this edition of Grounded, Linda and Melanie Walker (co-conspirators on The Home Channel's Gardening 101) get to grips with what makes a…
1 Jun 2023 35 min

#096 Finding out about foraging | Gregory Henderson

Sometimes cookery books aren't just about cooking, they're about a whole lot more; the ingredients and where they come from, the ancestors who hold the lore surrounding them, preserving wild foods (in nature, not just in jam jars), and the heritage of indigenous ingredients. It's about the stories that come…
18 May 2023 34 min

#095 Aloe, Aloe! Take a Break... | Cary Goodwin

.. and an (E)scape from the pressures of Life Once again proving that Succulents Don't Suck, Cary Goodwin of Life is a Garden chats to Melanie about the wondrous variety of aloes and echeveria that are available these days, along with how to deal with the descent into the winter…
4 May 2023 34 min

#094 Winter is coming! | Charles Barnhoorn

Whether you're new to the joys of gardening or not, there's always something new to be learned. It's time to find out more about the not-difficult art of growing bulbs on Grounded with the man who has made it his life, Charles Barnhoorn of Hadeco Bulbs. He demystifies what some…
2 Mar 2023 32 min

#093 Won’t you come into Our Garden? | Cary Goodwin

We'd Like Our Roses to See You! Cary Goodwin (Spokesperson - Life is a Garden; Headgirl Colourful Group & Peebles Plants) joins Melanie today take a look at what's hot on the gardening scene in South Africa at the moment, and making the pages of the Life is a Garden…
8 Feb 2023 36 min

#092 Gardening is a Seasonal Thing | Cary Goodwin

Find out what You should be doing this Season! Gardening is about water - most of it in the form of perspiration! Whether you have too much, or too little, water is the main topic when it comes to getting gardens to grow properly. Cary Goodwin, and the wonderful helpers…
3 Nov 2022 30 min

#091 Shhhhh. Sit Quietly and See What Comes | Listening out for the Birdies

“Sometimes I think that the point of birdwatching is not the actual seeing of the birds, but the cultivation of patience. Of course, each time we set out, there's a certain amount of expectation we'll see something, maybe even a species we've never seen before, and that it will fill…
17 Sep 2022 31 min

#090 What Should Be Happening in Your Backyard in June

June tips from Life in a Garden Our Guest: Cary Goodwin (PR - Life is a Garden; Head Girl at Colourful Group) Winter has come - but that's no reason not to get out and get warm with some gardening chores. Keeping yourself and your plants well covered is key,…
26 May 2022 32 min

#089 The Get Green Episode! | Cary Goodwin

Of Earth Hour and the Coming of Autumn The Earth is slightly turning off its axis as we begin the descent from the long heady golden days of summer into the changing of colour and season. So what should you be doing in your garden to prepare it for the…
24 Mar 2022 33 min

#088 Life is a Garden's mid-summer hints and tips! | Cary Goodwin

Cary Goodwin (Life is a Garden | Spokesperson and Colourful Group | Head Girl) If you want to know how to grow clivias from seed, what the best indoor plants are to have that you and your kids can't kill, how to make paint from flowers, what plants are looking…
19 Jan 2022 33 min

#087 Survival - Our Environment Needs Your Help | David Barritt

In a departure from our usual conversations on Grounded, Melanie Walker finds out from David Barritt, Executive Director of two international charities for animals, about what is going on in Africa when it comes to our protected species - and those that are more commonplace. Whether it be pangolins, rhinos,…
22 Dec 2021 35 min

#086 Seeding is Believing! | Paul Vonk (SANA)

The Green Industry has been one that has seen a fair amount of growth over the last couple of years - even during Covid and lockdowns. Probably because of them. Paul Vonk (Commercial Manager Mayfords Seeds/President -SANA) and Melanie explore the green horizons, talking bulbs, seeds, what the green industry…
16 Dec 2021 32 min

#084 Blooming Marvellous | Cary Goodwin

Is the best season of the year Spring? Guest: Cary Goodwin (Spokesperson Life is a Garden, Head Garden Girl at Colourful Group) From how to create the garden of your dreams, select the best plants, attract birds to your backyard and to set up a tiny watergarden - all the…
20 Oct 2021 32 min

#083 The Protection or the Environment is up to You! | Donna-Mari Noble

How to be a useful member of the Human Race. Donna-Mari Noble (Communications Manager, MPact) National Recycling Day happened on the 17th September this year in South Africa - did you do your bit to help lessen your load on the planet? Donna-Mari Noble of MPact recycling gives us the…
23 Sep 2021 30 min

#082 Don't be wasteful - Learn how to Upcycle | Winnie McHenry

Bring down your impact on our earth Winnie McHenry (Originator/Owner Upcycle) Like most of the rest of the World, South Africa is battling with pollution and lack of landfill space. But slowly, some people are managing to change this around, while Upskilling people who have been battling to find work…
2 Sep 2021 32 min

#081 Crazy Daisies! | Cary Goodwin

Must be in this cold! Cary Goodwin (Spokesperson for Life is a Garden, head Supergirl at Peebles and Colourful Group) Winter. Sends shivers down the spine. In more ways than one. But spring ain’t that far away, so Cary Goodwin reckons it’s time to start getting your garden sorted with…
28 Jul 2021 33 min

#080 Do the Right Thing! | Gavin Heron

Do Something ProActive - With Earth Probiotic If you're worried about the state of our planet, then find out about 52 Easy Things to Do to make your impact on the earth negligible. Gavin Heron of Earth Probiotic talks us through bokashi, recycling, packaging, compostables vs biodegradables, and how companies…
4 May 2021 33 min

#079 You are What you Eat | Linda Galvad

Linda Galvad - Sought After Seedlings Planting thoughts on how to help your brain and body Our body consists of two 'brains' - the one we think with, and the one we feel with. The Gut. To get the best out of what you eat, and how you feed your…
28 Apr 2021 38 min
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