The most heartwarming interview: The Mouse

Darren will always emphasise that if there's one thing he has gotten absolutely right in this lifetime, it is his daughter Mouse.

We have heard of F1, Anna, quantum physics, comedy, and many more things and people that Darren adores, but none of them tower over his number one - Mouse. In this podcast, we will see Darren as we have never seen him before as Mouse asks him all the questions she has ever wanted to ask.

You will pick up the intimacy of the father-daughter relationship from the first few seconds of the interview.

Mouse kicks it off with questions that shine a light on Darren's biggest fear(s). The list happens to be lengthy and it is quite "deep", as Mouse calls it.

You also get to hear Darren honestly share the one thing he wishes to change about himself. Mouse is blown away by her dad's answers and you probably will be, too.