#1  Mental wellness takes centre stage in the workplace with Stitch Head of People Thelma Janse van Rensburg

What role can business leaders play in supporting not only the mental health of employees, but their own as well? How do we create cultures in which organisations can be psychologically safe for employees as well as economically sustainable?

The well-being of employees is not only a humanitarian concern but also a crucial factor in maintaining productivity, engagement and overall organisational success. Mental health isn’t isolated to personal hours – it requires a holistic approach. In the context of work, how do we create room for employees to show up as their full selves without fear of judgement? Although many workplaces offer employee well-being programmes, there persists an underlying stigma around seeking help, even when it is sorely needed, for fear of discrimination or appearing incompetent.

In this episode, Safia Joseph and Thelma Janse van Rensburg weigh in on these aspects of mental health at work, and so much more.

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Some golden nuggets:
[00:05:03] – [00:06:23] How Covid-19 impacted mental health
[00:06:37] – [00:06:56] Mental health challenges people are experiencing at work
[00:08:47] – [00:10:04] How to break mental health stigmas at work
[00:10:30] – [00:11:02] The impact of a psychologically safe workplace
[00:11:55] – [00:13:13] What it looks like when businesses take employee mental health seriously
[00:15:50] – [00:18:02]] How line managers can support employee mental health
[00:19:04] – [00:20:27] Mental health across industries
[00:21:20] – [00:23:23] How employers can make mental health a priority at work
[00:25:42] – [00:26:49] Developing the value of mental health at work

Links you should know about:
Life Health Solutions’ holistic service offering: https://lifehealthsolutions.org/our-solutions/

The future of workplace wellness and prioritising mental health: https://time.com/6189818/workplace--mental-health-policies

Mental-health crisis from Covid pandemic was minimal – study: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-64890952

Assessing the impact of mental health on our economy: https://www.investec.com/en_za/focus/reimagine-mental-health/the-impact-of-mental-health-on-south-africas-economy.html
Season 1 / Episode 1 14 May English Read by Linda Mzamane South Africa Business · Health & Fitness

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