#4  Why progressive leave policies matter with Alkemi Collective CEO Bradly Howland

How do we create a healthy leave culture within businesses when busyness is seen as a badge of honour? How can companies balance employee wellness (a big part of which is having the time to rest and recharge) and productivity?
Progressive leave policies are a hot topic that both employees and employers need to know about. In this episode of A Better Place of Business, our host, Linda Mzamane, discusses this pertinent subject with Bradly Howland, CEO of Alkemi Collective, and Carmen Arico, chartered reward specialist and spokesperson for the South African Reward Association.
With burnout and overworking a norm in modern society, creating a healthy culture around leave, rest and work-life balance is imperative. But what are the implications and challenges for organisations and leaders?
Tune in for a multifaceted conversation around progressive leave policies within the South African context, the impact these have on productivity and engagement in the workplace, and so much more!

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Some golden nuggets:
[00:04:07] – [00:06:01] How employee expectations regarding time off have changed over the years
[00:06:02] – [00:07:55] The impact comprehensive leave policies have on employee satisfaction and retention
[00:08:16] – [00:11:25] The benefits (and potential downsides) of progressive leave policies
[00:11:26] – [00:18:28] Innovative and unconventional leave policies that have worked
[00:18:28] – [00:20:18] How progressive leave policies contribute to a better work-life balance
[00:20:48] – [00:25:01] Challenges organisations face when implementing progressive leave policies
[00:25:02] – [00:27:00] How companies can balance supporting employee well-being, and maintaining productivity
[00:27:01] – [00:30:02] The importance of good leadership in a culture that values and supports comprehensive leave policies
[00:30:24] – [00:32:01] Practical steps for companies wanting to adopt better leave policies

Links you should know about:
Life Health Solutions’ holistic service offering: https://lifehealthsolutions.org/our-solutions/

How to accumulate leave and when you can apply: https://www.golegal.co.za/employment-annual-leave/#:~:text=Every%20employee%20is%20entitled%20to,work%20a%20six%2Dday%20week

TikTok on paid time off: https://www.tiktok.com/@america_is_the_bad.place/video/7143718753761496325?_r=1&_t=8eX69v5usdC

TikTok on vacation time in the USA and France: https://www.tiktok.com/@melissa.a.salazar/video/7231684544322342190?_r=1&_t=8eX6FDQ6KoA

Redesigning the workplace to be family-friendly: What governments and businesses can do:

From menstrual leave to 'pet illness leave': Businesses are adopting new leave benefits and we have questions:
Season 1 / Episode 4 28 May English Read by Linda Mzamane South Africa Business · Health & Fitness

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