#2  When accidents happen at work with Director of Werksman Attorneys Bradley Workman-Davies

While certain professions carry more inherent risk, accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any moment. Whether it's a minor mishap with the office stapler or a risky task like cleaning windows at a height, there's an element of unpredictability in every job.

Are we ever truly prepared for the unexpected? That’s the question we’re asking in the latest episode of A Better Place of Business. Jacques Vorster, health and safety manager at MPact, and Bradley Workman-Davies, director at Werksmans Attorneys, share their insights into the responsibility of business leaders in supporting the physical and mental health of employees. We'll also explore how to cultivate environments that are not only physically and psychologically safe but economically sustainable, too.

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Some golden nuggets:

[00:02:45] – [00:03:24] Where to begin creating a safe and healthy work environment
[00:03:24] – [00:04:32] Tailoring safety to your organisation
[00:07:45] – [00:09:11] Fostering a culture of safety among employees
[00:13:33] – [00:14:02] What happens after an accident takes place at work
[00:14:43] – [00:17:09] The law and injuries at work
[00:17:25] – [00:18:03] Technology and injury prevention
[00:18:20] – [00:19:53] Holistic care for employees

Links you should know about:

Life Health Solutions’ holistic service offering: https://lifehealthsolutions.org/our-solutions/

General payments for injuries on duty:

Mine fatalities were at a record low in 2022:
Season 1 / Episode 2 14 May English Read by Linda Mzamane South Africa Business · Health & Fitness

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