#5  Why executive well-being is the cornerstone of effective leadership with Group CEO of Life Healthcare Peter Wharton-Hood

In this episode of A Better Place of Business, we shine a spotlight on an important aspect of effective leadership: the well-being of top-level executives. As the conductors of organisational success, these leaders play a key role in shaping workplace culture and driving productivity and innovation. However, in the wake of the post-pandemic world, the significance of mental health has taken centre stage, challenging traditional norms and emphasising the critical need for executives to prioritise their well-being. From managing stress and fatigue to nourishing the body and mind, executive wellness isn't just a personal matter – it's the cornerstone that sustains the entire leadership structure, influencing the heartbeat of the organisation.

Join us as we delve deeper into this topic with our guests, Kassie Naidoo, Creative Director and Partner at Lampost Productions, Elizabeth de Stadler, Founder of Novation Consulting, and Peter Wharton-Hood, Group CEO of Life Healthcare, who bring a wealth of experience in healthcare leadership. Together, our guests will shed light on the importance of executive wellness and its profound impact on organisational success.

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Some golden nuggets:
[00:04:06] – [00:04:42] The evolving role of executive well-being
[00:05:46] – [00:07:06] How the role of executives has changed over time
[00:07:24] – [00:09:21] Strategies to prioritise mental health
[00:09:25] – [00:10:59] Finding balance in moments of pressure
[00:11:06] – [00:14:15] The role of rest and taking care of your body
[00:14:36] – [00:17:01] The impact of executive well-being on organisational culture
[00:17:12] – [00:19:43] The benefit of prioritising your mental health
[00:20:01] – [00:21:35] Obstacles people face when prioritising their mental health
[00:23:26] – [00:24:28] Balancing workplace demands with the need for self-care
[00:27:50] – [00:28:51] Talking about the importance of workplace well-being in teams

Links you should know about:
Life Health Solutions’ Executive Wellness Clinic offering:

Life Health Solutions’ holistic service offering: https://lifehealthsolutions.org/our-solutions/

The cost of mental health in South Africa:

Why leaders need self-care too:
Season 1 / Episode 5 4 Jun English Read by Linda Mzamane South Africa Business · Health & Fitness

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