#3  Why collaboration is a team sport with Senior Brand Director at adidas SA Kate Woods

In the world of online, remote and distributed working, how do teams build real connections? How do organisations remain adaptable and flexible in the ever-evolving world of work?

In this thought-provoking episode of A Better Place of Business, Linda Mzamane chats to Kate Woods, senior brand director at Adidas; Caroline Brewin, an executive and confidence coach; and Marita Williams, manager of organisational resilience and coaching at Life Healthcare.

They peel back the layers of what makes a high-functioning team, from purpose and identity to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This conversation is a must-hear for every team member or leader of a team.

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Some golden nuggets:
[00:03:04] – [00:08:04] A well-functioning team defined
[00:08:05] – [00:10:00] Strategy for building a high-functioning team
[00:10:02] – [00:14:13] The difference between team building and team training
[00:14:14] – [00:17:00] Common challenges teams face during team building
[00:17:06] – [00:20:51] How to foster collaboration, communication and unity among remote team members
[00:21:00] – [00:23:49] Lessons on teamwork from an Olympic sportswoman
[00:24:09] – [00:26:15] How to build an adaptable and resilient team in the face of uncertainty.
[00:26:16] – [00:30:00] The role of diversity in high-performance teams
[00:30:08] – [00:32:52] How a leader can create psychological safety in their team

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