#6  When urgency feels like an emergency with Award-Winning Film Director Robert dos Santos

In high-pressure environments, where deadlines loom like giants and obstacles line up to slow you down, there exists a unique skill that can help to get you through it all: the big-match temperament. Today, we’re revealing the secrets of individuals who not only maintain their composure in the face of urgency, but thrive on it.

In this episode, we’re going to get a masterclass in maintaining composure while making split-second decisions and excelling when the stakes are at their peak. Chad Jones, Life Health Solutions Business Manager and trained EMS personnel, and
Robert dos Santos, lawyer turned international award-winning director, share their insights. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the big-match temperament as we delve into a discussion that goes beyond survival and into thriving in the intensity of professional life.

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Some golden nuggets:
[00:03:58] – [00:05:32] What is BMT?
[00:10:01] – [00:12:51] How to apply BMT to your work life
[00:13:33] – [00:14:59] How teams can perform under pressure
[00:15:06] – [00:16:34] Team communication in high-pressure situations
[00:22:23] – [00:24:10] Practices or rituals to return to in high-pressure situations
[00:24:34] – [00:27:04] Supporting a BMT culture at work
[00:27:17] – [00:28:08] Advice for aspiring leaders

Links you should know about:
Life Health Solutions’ holistic service offering: https://lifehealthsolutions.org/our-solutions/

Ways to manage stress:

How to deal with high-pressure situations at work:
Season 1 / Episode 6 11 Jun English Read by Linda Mzamane South Africa Business · Health & Fitness

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