Bain's role in State Capture hits global headlines; SA's top fund manager; Cadre deployment and the Judiciary.

In tonight's episode of the BizNews Power Hour, we follow up on last week's explosive disclosures of the ANC's Deployment Committee's involvement in the appointment of SA's judges. The DA's Dr Leon Schreiber explains why he has been "like a dog with a bone" on the issue; and in the first of weekly discussions on the practical effects of SA's Constitution, advocate Erin Richards warns that politicising the Judiciary is a dangerous exercise with potentially debilitating unintended consequences. Also in this episode, SA's top performing fund manager Piet Viljoen shares ideas on the stocks to own in 2022 and the FT unpacks the State Capture role of global services firm Bain & Co.
18 Jan 2022 8AM English South Africa Business · Investing

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