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Welcome to SAPeople Podcast where you can join us for your regular fix of SA culture, skinder, news and get the low-down on all the good stuff happening at home and abroad. entertains, informs, inspires and connects South Africans globally.


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#094 An Ode to Joy…

Play On! #ListenHere

On a special episode of’s podcast, this week Jenni and Melanie chat to Chief Executive Officer and Artistic Director of the Mzanzi (and KZN and Joburg) Philharmonic Orchestras about music, life, Juilliard- and Springbokkies!

#093 Not Just for Connoisseurs! (Nobody puts Carrie in a Corner)

Joining Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker in the SAPeople studio to chat about all things SA, is Carrie Adams - of the soon to be released podcast and YouTube Channel, Carrie's Connoisseurs.

Three lovers of things that are good to put in your mouth (especially wine!) chat about Cyril in England, wine in England, Bokke going to take out the English, French wine, good things happening in SA, and SA wine! (And a couple of SA Whiners ;) )

Wine-not? Want more? #ListenHere...

#092 It's all happening in Joburg! A chat with a 'lady who lunches'...

Hold the presses! We've got hot news to share with Saffers at home and abroad.

Following on from the stellar success of Tali's Wedding and Baby Diaries, Tali's Joburg Diaries hits the small screen this coming Friday, the 18th of November. And her 'mom' - the uber glamorous Kate Normington - is joining Melanie and Jenni in the virtual studio to tell us all about it.

Don't miss this - and our rundown of the top stories making great news here in-country and across the world. #ListenHere!

#091 Don't Jump Out - Dive Right In!

Listen up and Join Saffers at Home and Abroad.

In a week that saw a video of someone jumping out of a car in the Hluhluwe-Mfolozi Park to evade a tusker, more level-headed people (well, those with their feet firmly planted on SA soil, while their heads are in the stars) are reaching for Mars and beyond, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker encourage you to do go for the elder people in your world, we find a pocket full of happiness with Richard E Grant down under, and JRR Tolkien has become the most-paid dead celeb!

Local good news has no limits - catch our podcast!

#090 Is your blood green? Then listen here!

"The Whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a spirit."

So said French rugby player, Jean-Pierre Rives. And this pretty much sums up what South Africans and SouthAfricanNess is all about.

Joining rugby superfans Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker in the podcast studio this week are Former Bok, the legend AJ Venter, and Main Man at the legendary brand Veldskoen to talk about the upcoming European Tour, and of course, next year's World Cup which will be held in France.

#089 Magic Teacher - cast a spell on us

Teach us to dance away all of our fears (and its apologies to Ellamental!).

A week that has seen some sunshine through the rain. A teacher bringing light - and great dance moves - to her students and the world; Johannesburg’s mayor scores a win in the courts; communities coming together to foster goodwill; what ex-pats are up to in their part of the world; what you should be watching on the small screen; and many other feel-good stories - all on

#088 The Day of the Walking Shed (That's not punny!)

Breaking news - The N1 has become blocked after a truck Shed its load of brightly coloured writing paper...

Police say the traffic is pretty stationary...

When things feel like they're dire, there's inevitably a ray of sunshine peeping through on's podcast, where Jen and Mel get busy finding out the behind-the-scenes stories of the stories that are making the 'good' news.

#ListenHere for what's happening with rare chunks of human history, people who swim like seals (and some who got chomped by one), Sexpos and sexpots, and a slightly snide take on the weather, and what we're weathering in SA!

#087 "Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.."

Mel and Jen take Philip K. Dick's Advice!

In this, SA's Mental Health Awareness Month, Jenni Baxter and Melle Walker bring some inspirational stories, and a bit of madness, to the mix. With news for and from Ex-pats, local good news, and a quick look at entertainment available on the big and small screens that pertain to SA,'s podcast gives you an abridged rundown of what's making news that's relevant to Saffers wherever they are.


#086 A Watershed Moment (How to Remain Upbeat When Day)

Sure, not all news coming out of SA is good news, but take some time out and find out why you should look for the positives - and the positive stories - and make a note to join the Watershed moment many SA Natives are realising - by coming together, we can make a difference. So forget watershedding on the menu along with loadshedding - we are Saffers, we have fortitude!

Ex-pat Jenni Baxter Joins Joeys Ou Melle Walker for a run-down of the stories, big and small, making Our news headlines this week. From Black Mambas to Macadamias, Bubbles, Braais and Blood Psalms, #Listenhere and find out more about what makes our land, and its inhabitants, great....
Watch on YouTube

#085 The Invasion of The Saffas Continues!

Taking on the World, One Bite of Biltong at a Time.

With the Ubuntu that Heritage Day brought, South Africans around the world are seen to be pulling together and joining forces to make things work! And Jenni Baxter & Melanie Walker join forces in bringing the news to everyone at home and abroad.

Of moonshots, hot shots, hot bodies, cigarette boats, and boatloads of people saving the environment, all the stories are up on - and you can get a sneak preview by joining us on the SAPeople podcast - so listen up people! And #ListenHere.
Watch on Youtube

#084 Many Hands Make Light Work... Or Not?

The lights may not be on, but there are plenty of people at home!

Jenni Baxter - founder of - isn't hampered by lack of power - as she proves by having the power to bring news and stories that will lighten the hearts of Saffas at home and abroad.

Do you know about SA wine in cans? That Princess Charlene has set up a Society for the Protection of Animals in Monaco? (And that you can visit the palace there for free this coming Sunday!); how to speak 'English' in different countries?; that Blood Psalms - an epic African fantasy - is coming to Showmax? and that Carte Blanche team members have learned how to race-walk? No? Then #listenhere for these and other stories pertinent to our lovely nation.
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#083 Respect Where Respect is Due… Dedicated to Good People Who Do Good Things

In a week that has marked the death of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Melanie chats to Gershom Aitchison of Education Incorporated about different perceptions of news reports by people of different ages.

Jenni Baxter of is still travelling, but still keeping Mel and the rest of SA and expats up to date with the latest good things being done by good people at home and abroad.

Hambe kahle Motlalepula.

Learn more about Edu Inc Private School

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