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Stripped Money Conversations with Lungile Mashigo

Hosted by Lungile Mashigo, this platform brings inspiring money stories straight from top business minds, authors, influencers, inspiring individuals, and brands.
Learn about their financial philosophies, wins, failures, and habits. Plus, explore ways to get your money to work hard for you with no intimidating jargon because life is complicated enough.

Join these simple, candid conversations as we strip money down to its bare bones because the world of money has room for everyone.

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S03E07 | Crypto curiosities: stripping down crypto arbitrage

We're unpacking more in the crypto space. Today we are joined by Andrew Ludwig, CEO of Currency Hub - a regulated company doing crypto arbitrage since 2017. Andrew gives us insights to help us navigate what sounds like a complex corner in the crypto-verse and explains how we can get…
18 Oct 40 min

S03E06 | Lessons from our first investment property

Joining me on today's episode is my husband, Henchard Mashigo, and we are sharing ALL of the lessons we've learnt from our first investment property. We've made some gains but there are things that we also overlooked (and burned our fingers) despite doing research on our investment. Some of the…
28 Feb 31 min

S03E05 | Healing financial trauma

Your gateway to creating real wealth. According to research, financial trauma is a reality for one-third of millennials today, but what is it? How do you identify that you have financial trauma, how does it impact your wealth creation journey and how can you get financial healing? In this episode,…
25 Jan 30 min

S03E04 | The return of the lay-bye

Today, I have an interesting conversation with Andrew Katzwinkel, CEO and Founder of LayUp Technologies. We chat about the return of the lay-bye - what happened to this efficient way of buying goods without credit, and who is bringing it back? We learn about the benefits of using lay-bye as…
16 Dec 2022 25 min

S03E03 | Re-imagining small businesses and redefining success with Palesa

In this episode, I have a wholesome conversation with Palesa Hlabahlaba, CEO and Founder of RPH consulting (a business consulting firm). We wanted to talk about the importance of small businesses getting advisory services, but this conversation ended up being a lot more! We chat about fulfilling your purpose, redefining…
24 Nov 2022 52 min

S03E02 | Stripping down township entrepreneurship with Bulelani

Get inspired about following your passion and treating it like a business! Bulelani Balabala founded an initiative called the Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA) in 2015 which has directly impacted more than 50 000 township entrepreneurs. In this episode, in between the laughs, we talk about entrepreneurship, the SME landscape in…
2 Nov 2022 42 min

S03E01 | Alternative lending solutions for SMEs

We answer the age-old question: "How do I finance my business as a SME?" SMEs often don’t have the capital to make the most of instant opportunities that become available to them as traditional funding from banks may not always be a solution. In this episode, I am joined by…
21 Oct 2022 34 min

S02 Finale | Stripping down sports betting

Over the past few years, sports betting has emerged from the shadows and into the mainstream. A lot of people are starting to dabble in it. We have seen terrible stories of addiction and suicide linked to this but also triumphs and people getting to pay bills and pay off…
2 Feb 2022 44 min

S02E10 | Money-saving interior design secrets

Is it just me or did people really start focusing more on their homes since the pandemic? I've really seen more home content since then and I am loving it. Today, I chat with the fabulous Keshia Wylie who runs the Homing Pigeon - an interior design company to discuss…
26 Jan 2022 26 min

S02E09 | Stripping down how to ask for a salary increase

It's the new year and you've probably mapped out your goals - getting a salary increase could be one of them. In this episode, I am joined by the amazing Phiona Martin. Phiona is an award-winning Organizational Psychologist, Career Coach, and thought leader in the field of Talent Management and…
20 Jan 2022 44 min

S02E08 | 5 tips to manage your money better in 2022

Based on everything that happened in our economy last year and some of the most popular goals I (Lungile Mashigo) have seen people set for themselves this year, this episode gives you 5 tips to manage your money better in 2022! The tips range from how to assess your finances…
12 Jan 2022 8 min

S02E07 | Stripping down retirement

The cool guys on The Office Podcast asked me to join them to chat about retirement and I am bringing that conversation right here. In this episode, among other things, we talk about the importance of saving for retirement, some considerations for when you switch jobs, and how you can…
16 Nov 2021 42 min

S02E06 | Stripping down Tisa Ntlawini's investment journey

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for easy, digestible information and if it comes from a cool young woman - even better! I am excited to have on the show today Tisa Ntlawini, who runs @financialchats_tisa where she posts about her financial journey as well as…
20 Oct 2021 33 min

S02E05 | Five money lessons from Squid Game

Squid Game is a Netflix show where 456 indebted, desperate people play children's games to claim the ultimate prize of roughly 750 million rand. The hard-hitting truth that this show reveals the socio-economic inequalities that exist not only in South Korea but worldwide - it resonated deeply with our South…
13 Oct 2021 13 min

S02E04 | Stripping down family budgets

Sticking to a budget over the long term is one of the biggest challenges in personal finance. Yet it's also a powerful tool for resolving financial problems and hitting your most important goals. But have you heard about family budgets? I mean getting your family to agree on what to…
6 Oct 2021 19 min

S02E03 | Stripping down CPI and the trust deficit in the SA economy

Today is part 2 of the conversation with Economist, Ntombi Mbele and we are going to be chatting about all things CPI (Consumer Price Index) and the SA economy. Ntombi Mbele holds a BCom in Economics and Econometrics, a BCom Honours Degree in Econometrics and a Masters in Industrial Policy…
25 Aug 2021 19 min

S02E02 | Stripping down inflation

Economics 101: We are affected by what happens in the broader economy, but in most instances, we don't know how or even why. Joining me is my favourite Somnotho, aka Economist, to strip down how the economy works and how it impacts our pocket. Economics is such a broad topic…
18 Aug 2021 36 min

S02E01 | Stripping down cryptocurrency

All you need to know about crypto: Marius Reitz is the General Manager for Africa at Luno, Africa’s leading cryptocurrency platform and in this episode, we strip down crypto and explore the ins and outs of this new-ish internet craze.  --- Send in a voice message:
4 Aug 2021 43 min

S01 Finale | 10 Money lessons we learnt in 2020

Some may say that 2020 was a terrible year – but in its terror, it has also been a year of major change for us and most people, for the first time in a long time, really took a good look at their finances. In this episode, I share with…
20 Jan 2021 26 min

S01E14 | Stripping down the world of wills and trusts

Joining me today is Zola Cossie, an admitted attorney, notary, and fiduciary specialist. Zola has for the last 11 years been working in private practice and in corporate advising individuals on various aspects of structuring their affairs and today she helps us navigate the world of Wills and Trusts. We…
8 Dec 2020 39 min
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