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Christmas Wish is officially open on Mansfield on the Morning! It’s been a tough year for everyone, for some people more than others, and we all know someone that is going through an especially difficult time. This is the time to spotlight those people because this initiative is aimed at improving the lives of the individual.

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Jacqui Rautenbach nominated her husband, Gavin, for the Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish.

Gavin recently had a stroke and, according to Jacqui, the past month has been really tough for all. Gavin has also been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

In her mail, Jacqui told Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish that they have a leaking roof. Despite trying on numerous occasions, Gavin just can’t seem to fix it. With his latest setback, he is now unable to move tiles and seal the gaps where water is getting through.

According to Jacqui, the roof trusses are rotting and the ceiling boards have started to sag – it’s in a desperate state. All of this is making Gavin unhappy and he gets very stressed out every time it rains.

Jacqui told us her husband is forever doing things for others and wanted to know if there was anything we could do for him this time around.

And, of course, there is.

Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish, in conjunction with Hot Cares, will gladly put up the money to fix Gavin and Jacqui’s roof, ensuring they’re comfortable come rain, hail or shine.


Liz Bow got in touch with Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish to nominate her son, Ryan. Despite being born mentally handicapped, 41 year-old Ryan is a bright light in his family. They call him ‘News of the World” in the house because he always keeps the family informed about what is happening in the neighbourhood!
While he cannot read, Ryan learns a lot of what he shares from radio and television. Liz says, “Every time his phone beeps he has to bring it to me or his Dad to read the message to him. But it makes him feel important and he says it is essential we know what is going on around us.”
In 2003 Ryan was given the opportunity to ride with the Flying Squad. This has, to date, been the highlight of his life - so much so that he still proudly displays his certificate from the day on his bedroom walls!
In a perfect world Ryan would love to be a paramedic. Unfortunately, given his circumstances, that simply isn’t possible. However, Liz says it’s been his dream for years now to ride a shift with an emergency ambulance.
This was an easy call for Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish and a truly heart-warming request to make a reality!
We contacted our friends at Destination Medicine Rescue who didn’t hesitate to offer Ryan the ride of his life alongside one of their world-class EMS Crews.
Thank you to Tim Gray and the Destination Medicine Crew for making this Christmas Wish come true!


Our hearts broke when Bianca Cloete contacted us to nominate her elderly Mom and Dad who were, quite literally, taken for a ride recently.
Robert Cloete’s car was making a terrible noise. When he took it to the garage it turned out that he would have to replace the entire engine. With the car out of service plan, and with Robert and Evelyn burdened by a considerable amount of financial commitments, they went online to find a less expensive mechanic to try help them. They found what looked like a reputable mechanic.
The Cloetes paid an upfront fee of R8500 for a replacement engine. When the car was collected they were promised that the vehicle would be repaired within 2- 4 working days. Two days later the mechanic asked for a further payment of R3720 to be paid into a personal bank card account. It was at this point Robert became suspicious.
The car was subsequently returned. However, the so-called mechanic keeps calling the Cloetes about money even though the vehicle still isn’t in proper working condition. Bianca says this has been the most stressful time in her parents’ lives; R14 660 out of pocket, Robert and Evelyn are desperate to get their only family vehicle up and running again.
Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish spoke to Jose, the Cloete’s neighbour, who’s a mechanic. Based on his recommendation, we’ll cover the expenses involved in getting their car fixed and in running order again.
In addition, we will also give the Cloete family the R15 000 which they were scammed out of to see them through the Christmas period.


Philip Cousins nominated his colleague and, Gill Ryan, for the Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish.

In his email, Philip writes: 'Gill is a single income earner who struggles financially. She takes care of her brother who is sickly and wheelchair bound. Gill has to help him around. Neither of them are on a medical aid and have to spend countless hours at government hospitals for assistance. A week ago Gill slipped in the driveway at work and fell on her face. She still has a blue eye.’

Philip also told us that the fall shattered Gill’s glasses. Since then she has been getting by with an older pair of spectacles. However, because they’re the incorrect prescription, they are causing her headaches and she is struggling to see.

Gill has obtained a quote for a new pair. Unfortunately, the cost of replacement is in the region of R5000 -  money she simply does not have.

Philip asked Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish to step in and help Gill out with a new pair of glasses, which we gladly did.

Thanks to our friends at Mellins i - Style we were able to arrange a full assessment for Gill, ensuring that she is fitted with the correct pair of spectacles.

And, to really spread some Christmas love and cheer,  Hot Cares gave Gill a R10 000 gift card to spoil herself and her brother.

We wish them both a very merry Christmas and a crystal clear 2019!


Heidi Duminy wrote to Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish about her vivacious young colleague, Nikita Reeves. At 23 years old, Nikita is studying part-time at the IMM Graduate School of Marketing whilst working full-time to pay for her studies.  And, until recently, things were looking really promising for her.

That all changed when Nikita’s 13-year-old half-brother, Ethan, ran the risk of being remanded into state care. Ethan’s father has long been out of the picture and, to make matters worse, their mother has also spent the better part of 2018 in rehab.

Nikita is now faced with the mammoth task of caring for her young brother, who at this point has nowhere to turn. This means that Nikita will have to move from Kempton Park where she stays to be closer to Ethan’s school in Randburg. She will also have to find a place to live and furnish this home from scratch. Then there are things like school fees, uniforms and stationery. Nikita’s car is also due for a major service next year too. Combine all these costs with her own academic expenses and the mountain to climb is seemingly a large one. Despite it all, Heidi tells us that Nikita has taken on this extraordinary responsibility with no complaints.

So, how can Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish make a difference? With the kind and generous help of Silverstar Casino, Ethan and Nikita’s fees for 2019 are now covered. Silverstar went one step further though, and will also be furnishing their new home - from rugs to curtains, appliances and furniture along with a monthly grocery voucher to help with the monthly expenses!

And, to top it all off, an anonymous Hot91.9FM listener has graciously offered to purchase the school uniforms and stationery for Ethan, while Hot Cares will be taking care of Nikita’s car service.

We wish Ethan and Nikita all the best and a successful and fun-filled 2019 in their new home together.


Sharon sent Christmas Wish an email nominating mother of three, Siminyeni Ndlovu. Known for never - say - die entrepreneurial spirit, Siminyeni started out as a domestic worker and eventually saved up enough money to purchase a caravan and start a business selling food.

Unfortunately, as things were just beginning to take off, Siminyeni was robbed and her caravan vandalised twice. The result of this all was that she had to give up her life dream.

Whilst all this was happening, Siminyeni also had to deal with her oldest son, Dylan, and his epilepsy.

With the help of Sharon, Dylan was being seen to at a clinic. However, the medicine he received from the clinic did not agree with him and another, more expensive option, had to be found.

Sharon asked Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish to assist with Dylan’s new medicine supply to ensure he remains seizure free - medicine that his mother simply cannot afford right now.

With the help of our great friends at Morningside Dispensary, Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish arranged a year’s supply of Tegretol for Dylan so that he can continue going to school on a regular basis.

To further help ease the burden of monthly bills, Hot Cares gave Siminyeni a gift card to the value of R5 000.

We wish her and her family a blessed Christmas and all the best for 2019.


Single mother Nadine contacted us to nominate her incredibly tenacious young daughter, Sinead. The last two years have been particularly difficult for Nadine. She was retrenched and her partner walked out on the family leaving her to cope on her own.

Most cripplingly, however, was when Nadine and her girls lost their family home in a fire. With no steady source of income or help on the horizon, Nadine’s daughter Sinead, an aspiring young actress studying at City Varsity, decided to bring a case against her father to reclaim years of unpaid maintenance. The hope was that the maintenance back pay would cover the R18 000 in varsity fee arrears, which is preventing Sinead from graduating.

Our hearts broke when Nadine told us of the emotional strain and abuse Sinead endures from the courts. We also discovered that Sinead works so hard towards her dream whilst continuing to contribute to her family household’s expenses by au pairing and pet sitting.  Sinead’s younger sister will be doing her Matric next year, although that now seems to be in jeopardy given the current financial circumstance at the moment.

The Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish realises that education is one of the most powerful tools to sustainably change your circumstances.  That’s why we decided to pay Sinead’s school fees in full so she can graduate. We also didn’t want to see Sinead’s younger sister, Kelsey, slip into a similar position, which is why we decided to pay for her to complete her Matric in 2019.


Kyra Elliman got in touch with us to make a Christmas Wish request. Kyra shared with us that some of her most cherished childhood memories were those she spent in the bush with her grandparents. She also told us about the unfortunate news of her Granny’s recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and the doctors have estimated that she has only a year left to live. Kyra said she spoke to her gran a few weeks back and the only thing she has on her bucket list is one last trip to the bush. With both her grandparents on state pension, the cost of this final request is quite simply out of reach.
Knowing it would mean the world to her, Kyra reached out to see if this request would be possible. To make her gran’s final wish come true.
We got in touch with our friend Nic Griffin from Thornybush and he was more than happy to help. He’s kindly given a 3-night stay at one of the stunning Thornybush Luxury Game Lodge Collection properties adjacent the Kruger National Park for Kyra, her brother, and their grandparents. The Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish will cover the travel costs, petrol, toll fees etc.
We trust this Wish will allow the Elliman family to make some lasting memories together, one last time.


Nominated by her two sisters, Erica Botha is a teacher and single mother of two beautiful boys aged 15 and 10. On a teacher’s salary, Erica does the best she can but barely manages to make ends meet. Due to her financial situation, the area in which Erica and her boys live is not very safe and she has had her home broken into 3 times in 3 months. Keeping up with replacing stolen personal belongings is next to impossible as Erica can’t afford household insurance.

Erica’s youngest son saved for a long time and finally managed to get himself a second-hand gaming computer a month ago. Unfortunately that got stolen along with his PS4 and TV.

Because of the many break-ins, numerous security measures have been put in place; electric fencing around the complex, a security gate on the front door as well as inside the apartment. Erica is doing all she can to try and find a safer place to stay next year.

We thought the ideal Christmas present would be to replace and upgrade what was lost. Our friends at Acer kindly sponsored an Acer Nitro for the ultimate gaming experience, BT Games came on board with a new PS4 and some games to go with them while the Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish purchased a R2000 Steam voucher for games and a replacement television. And, while the kids are playing with their new toys, we’ll be whisking Erica off for a much-needed pamper session.

We wish Erica and her family relaxing, safe and happy holidays!


Friend Justine Prigmore got in touch to tell us about her friend Carolyn Davies. Last year, Carolyn’s husband Paul was diagnosed with cancer and was given two years to live, but tragically, the cancer spread more aggressively than anticipated and Paul passed away in October 2018. Leaving behind not only two boys, 8-year-old Tyler, 17-year-old Kyle as well as a gaping hole in Carolyn’s heart but Paul’s death has also upended the family finances as he was the sole breadwinner.

Carolyn worked as a nurse before Kyle’s birth, but his condition requires round the clock care, and as such Carolyn stopped working to care for him. Wheelchair-bound, unable to talk, feed or bathe himself, getting Kyle in and out of the bath every day has taken huge strain on her back.
Justine asked for help with one of these things: either a contribution to Kyle school fees of R4000 per month at Pathways in Roodepoort (a centre for children with severe mental and physical disabilities) which, without an income Carolyn simply will not be able to afford; or a mobile bath hoist which would set Carolyn back over R30 000.

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish thought the best thing to do, would be to take care of it all! An incredibly generous Hot91.9FM listener who would like to remain anonymous has paid Kyle’s 2019 school fees in full. Our friends at CE Mobility have so graciously donated the much-needed hoist to make it easier for Carolyn to move Kyle around. And the Dis-Chem Foundation has magnanimously come on-board with a year’s worth adult nappies for Kyle. And to top things off and make Christmas extra special, Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish purchased a R10 000 shopping voucher.

With these gifts to help, we hope that Carolyn and her family will enjoy Happy Holidays together.


Beth Venter was nominated by her two daughters Laureen and Deidre. The girls say Beth lives alone since their fathers passing a few years ago.

As the years have gone by Beth has had to have a knee replacement and a back operation that hasn’t yielded successful results. The girls say Beth battles to open her garage door as it is manual. Both girls would love to have purchased an automated garage door for Beth themselves but with their own unforeseen expenses to contend with, it just wasn’t possible for them, even though they worry so much for their ailing mother. They asked even if just the one door could be automated, it would make it easier for her mom to get in and out the house safely.

Hot91.9FM Christmas Wish thought we’d do it all by automating both garage doors. We hope Beth will enjoy double garage doors and keep safe this Festive Season.

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